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The Johnny Rocket experience – a happy accident

today07/07/2016 28

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Mandeville, LA – LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE Friday July 8th @ 1pm CENTRAL on www.VeritasRadioNetwork.com

Johnny Rocket minarchist, music artist and host of the widely popular radio show Johnny Rocket Launchpad. He sits down with me to discuss his life growing up outside of Chicago with diametrically different parents; a creative mom who performed with many great singers such as James Brown and his father, a voice of reason, he describes as his rock and how they influenced his unique critical perspective. He talks about his experience in the Korean DMZ while serving in the Army as a helicopter pilot. He provides thoughtful consideration for the benefits of minarchism – citing the closest historic example in Federalism. He then shares experiencing aspects of flow when performing on stage with his band the “Hot Roddin Romeos”. He also explains why he calls his radio show a happy accident.

This is an exclusive interview you won’t hear anywhere else!

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Written by: Mike Church

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