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The Mike Church Show-We Basically Nuked A Town In Ohio So The Trains Can Get Back On Schedule

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HEADLINE: Stoltenberg: Ukraine using more ammo than NATO is providing by Mike Glenn

  • How can you be ‘winning’ a war and running out of ammo at the same time?
  • Stoltenberg is laying the ground work to drop the bomb on the Americans that Ukraine is lost.
  • The Ukraine military is using up ammo 2 times faster than NATO can make ammo.
  • Does this mean they suck at aiming? 
  • We shouldn’t be laughing at this b/c many Ukrainian men are losing their lives in this war.
  • “Orders placed today would only be delivered 2½ years later. So we need to ramp up production and invest in our production capacity,” Mr. Stoltenberg told reporters at NATO headquarters. 
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT: Some NATO countries such as the U.S. and France have seen the writing on the wall and are now signing multiyear contracts with defense industries to ramp up ammunition production, which Mr. Stoltenberg said is “good news.”
  • Now this is Allied Territory?
  • Democracy is an epic failure, it is a fish out of water on the dock and it is in it’s death throws. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ukraine Retreating Bakhmut, Russia reaches Kupyansk, Liman; NATO Out of Stock by Alexander Mercouris 

  • This man is telling us the Ukrainian military in Bakhmut are almost entirely surrounded by the Russian army.
  • They are done, but our MSM is out here telling us the Ukrainian people are winning.
  Palestine Ohio Derailment 

  • The reason they blew up the vinyl cholride because the railroad company said the car holding the gas was going to then explode the car causing shrapnel. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor DeWine asked if he would drink the water in Palestine OhioI think I would be drinking the bottled water, but I think that I would probably be back at my house.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor DeWine on derailmentThis train apparently was NOT considered a high hazardous material train. This is absurd and we need to look at this. Congress needs to take a look at how these things are handled.

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  AUDIO/VIDEO: US Sec of Defense Mark MilleyRussia has lost. They’ve lost strategically operationally and tactically. They are paying an enormous price on the battlefield.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen John Kennedy on UFO briefingThey say it isn’t a threat to Americans but how do they know that? If you are confused you understand the situation perfectly. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen John Kennedy on UFO briefingThis has been happening for a long time since around 2017, all I can say is lock your doors tonight.

  • He has a valid question here.
  • How does the government know there is no threat here?
  HEADLINE: CPI Accelerates 0.5 Percent in January, Up 6.4 Percent From a Year Ago by Mish Shedlock 

  • The index for shelter was by far the largest contributor to the monthly all items increase, accounting for nearly half of the monthly all items increase. Shelter rose 0.7 percent for the month. 
  • Why is this happening?
  • Because 1st time home buyers are eligible to buy any longer especially w/ mortgage rates as high as they are currently.


HEADLINE: Maryland’s Four-Day Workweek Bill Is the Wrong Solution To A Real Problem by Christopher Jacobs 

  • The Government created the 5 day work week, not the citizens. 
  • So now Maryland is asking government to start a 4 day work week.
  • You can’t have government create the problem then have government try to fix the problem.
  • Government never fixes any problem.
  • If it rains in Maryland you get taxed for the rainfall.
  • Did you know that?
  • Completely serious – because they said it is good for climate change and it is a tax for the ‘sewer system’ maintenance. 
  • He isn’t rethinking the paradigm here he is just rearranging it.
  • The SELF employed is the new paradigm. 
  • You work 6 sometimes 7 days a week.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Reporter Nick Sortor on Tucker Carlson – What is going on is residents upset that no one will take to them. The Fed’s came in took over and won’t tell the residence anything. They don’t believe the EPA is telling them the truth.
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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • There is nothing in the Rubric that says what the laity should do in the pew period.
  • It mentions what servers do to a degree but mostly what the Priest is to do.
  • There is a presumption but commentators have to fill-in blanks 
  • Orans positions isn’t traditional in the Western Rite, it is done more in Eastern.
  • It is not novelty w/ places they are practiced. 
  • The ‘choir loft’ is also a Protestant thing, not a Catholic thing.
  • There are just customs and customs are different in different regions.
  • That is the way it is and the way it was.
  • So there may be a custom to show reverence to your Priest in your community. 
  • That’s fine there is NO Rubrics on if you should do it or not.
  • 4 Senses of Sacred Scripture 

HEADLINE: Supernaturalizing Our Social Interactions by Brother Andre Marie

Anagoge, sometimes spelled anagogy =  is a Greek word suggesting a “climb” or “ascent” upwards.

  • The Churches liturgy wouldn’t make sense…..
  • Jerusalem is the Church in that reading when it says Jerusalem Rejoice!
  • Lent isn’t a matter of what you are giving up, we should be depriving ourselves of things we like, that’s all good but we should focus on acquiring virtue and growing in the love of Our Lord.
  • If you do only deny yourself via deprivations, w/o attachment to Our Lord, the deprivations w/ strike you at some point and you can get to “well I gave this up so I can do this over here”. 
  • I will meat w/ my Spiritual Director and make sure that I have a Lenten program that is workable and brings me closer to God.
  • Allegorical Sense — the realm of faith, corresponding to meditatio in monastic prayer: This sense tells me what things really and fully mean when they are perceived in the superior light of divine and catholic faith. 
  • Literal Sense — the realm of “nature” (or, better, of the most immediate appearances of a perceived reality), corresponding to lectio in monastic prayer: Here, I see each of my Brothers (Sisters) in their essence and nature as a reality, a “given,” with all of their personal qualities and attributes, their temperaments and character traits. With some of them, an easy and natural concord flows from a compatibility of those personal qualities and attributes. With others, such easy amity is lacking owing to a less compatible arrangement of our personalities. 
  • LARPER – no I don’t want to go back to the Dark Ages
  • No I just want a Christian Nation and live Christian Virtues in today’s time.
  • I want running water, I want working sewer systems.
  • The Huns invaded – Leo the Great

HEADLINE: Deo Gratias! The FBI Retracts Bogus, SPLC-Based Memo by Brother Andre Marie 

HEADLINE: FBI’s Targeting Of Traditional Catholics Must Be Music To The Vatican’s Ears by Carina Benton

Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom 

3h20m AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk at World Government SummitWe should be worried about too much of a World Government, warning it could lead to civilizational collapse.

  • The only one attempting to get it correct today is Hungary. 
  • There may be another small Republic that is attempting this too.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Babylon Bee – Spelling Bee Can you define woman?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Matt Walsh on Dylan MulvaneyYou will never be a woman, you have tried to erase some of the things that made you manly but you will never be or have all the things that make a woman a woman. 

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