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The Necessary Foundation That Is Genesis & Proof of Noah’s Flood Part II With Hugh Owen

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The Necessary Foundation That Is Genesis & Proof of Noah’s Flood Part II With Hugh Owen

Special Guest Hugh Owen – Kolbe Center and Foundations Restored! | Listen To Part I of This Interview Series

The Wedding at Cana 

  • 6 containers of water that were made wine
  • The divine power by which he changed water into the best wine anyone had ever tasted – the exact same divine power He spoke the Heavens and Earth into existence.
  • “My hour has not yet come”
  • Scientology 
  • Foundations Restored – DVD series
  • DNA in the human genome – coding DNA
  • The other DNA was considered junk.
  • AUDIO – taken from Foundations Restored DVD on DNA Episode 6 
  • One of the most popular false theologies is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  • A New Christianity based on Evolution
  • Father Leonard Feeney actually confronted Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  • Foundations Restored there are Evolution (5 episodes)

HEADLINE: Piltdown Man Hoax, 100 Years Ago by Sarah Pruitt

  • The Piltdown Man – no one has ever proven he was part of the original fraud.
  • However everything we know about him, we find it hard to believe he didn’t know the skull wasn’t genuine.
  • Laws of Thermodynamics – the Big Bang Theory
  • The Great Flood (Noah’s Flood)- this is the kill shot for me (Mike Church)
  • There is overwhelming evidence for the global flood!
  • 60% of the African content clination surface
  • Geologist searching for dinosaur bones 
  • Dinosaurs are found in graveyards mixed in with bones of all kinds of other Marine creatures. 
  • QUESTION: How could this happen if some were land and some were marine but both found in the same place?
  • ANSWER: The Great Flood
  • The entire surface of the Earth was covered due to the great flood.
  • San Andreas Fault

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