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The State Of The Empire The Good, The Bad And The Mostly Ugly

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church is in top form analyzing the State of The Empire speech, lauding praise on common sense proposals like ending lottery green cards and lamenting the bellicosity of “annihilating enemy combatants” anywhere we might find them on earth. 

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
6:11 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on January 31st the morning after the State of the Empire address. Call 844-5CRUSADE Join our FREE LIVE chatroom at
6:15 All kinds of laws out there for drunk driving, where are the laws against ‘drunk spending’?





SOTU was basically the Hallmark Channel.

We learned about kids that went from Vets grave sites to put flags on them (made in China). I’m all for that…

7 times I said ‘that makes sense’ (common sense)

  • Immigration Policy scrap the lottery VISA program
  • Border Security
  • How to treat alien friends

Things I didn’t hear and I am happy I didn’t:

  • no insane farfetched story about exploring the moon or talk about NASA
  • paving roads and all the infrastructure improvements (where is the money coming from)



UGLY part: parading the parents of dead people in the SOTU

  • HEADLINE: Mother of girl slain by MS-13 to attend State of the Union
  • You’re a hero and get applauded because your child is dead?
  • 3 instances the dead were exploited as prop set pieces for political gain.
  • we all know someone that has died in the last year, and you should have and continue to pray for the repose of their soul





HEADLINE: A Millennial Confronts Death by Wilson Gavin

  • the statement “_____ is in a better place now” How do you know?
  • story – this woman prayed to die and was longing for it
  • death is distasteful to the youth, we ignore death and refuse to accept it
  • we have forgotten the end of the Creed

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How was death presented last night in the SOTU?

  • it was presented as a horror
  • death was going to bring about a blessed eternity (battle against Mohammedan)


Saint of the Day: St. John Bosco

Feastday: January 31

Patron: of apprentices, editors and publishers, schoolchildren, and juvenile delinquents

Beatified: June 2, 1929 by Pope Pius XI

Canonized: April 1, 1934 by Pope Pius XI

 6:50  The word DEBT was not mentioned ONE time in the SOTU address. Does this alarm anyone?!
President Trump did not mention LIFE once last night which was disappointing.
6:54  Sanctions and why they are a bad idea








 HEADLINE: Trump’s SOTU and North Korea by Daniel Larison

  • last night President Trump doubled down
  • would it be a Christian or not Christian thing to do to try and intervene as a missionary of sorts?
  • The speech went off the rails when it came to foreign policy
  • AUDIO: military man with timed applause
  • applause lasts longer than the Jeopardy song
  • AUDIO: President Trump on detention camps b/c we are the worlds police
  • “we will now chase them down, wherever we find them”….referencing Terrorists
  • AUDIO: SOTU New Rules of engagement, Jerusalem as the new capitol of Israel
  • AUDIO: 2016 American taxpayers sent over $20 billion in aid
  • We have attempted to starve these people to death
7:25 Welcome to the Mike Church Show Call 844-5CRUSADE

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AUDIO: President Trump American stands with people of Iran….(you mean the ones we have been starving?)

  • “When was the last time a sanction actually worked” – Mike Church
  • “What has been the end result of the ‘terrible Iran deal’?”- Mike Church
  • back to the AUDIO from SOTU
AUDIO: Princess Bride VRN commercial
















Caller host of the True Money Show: David Simpson

  • I watched the first 5 minutes, got to the Coast Guard Hallmark Story and had to turn it off
  • FB says the SOTU was the best thing to happen to America since its birth
  • the complete disregard for humanity
  • the military was front and center to tell the American people you like them or not they are here to stay!
  • we are constantly creating a NEW bad guy
  1. technology of how to fire a missile that will survive
  2. missiles will be shot down by the many number of ships we have out there
  • hey, we are going to war but YOU get a tax cut
  • this Fake form of Patriotism we have now is dangerous
  • reading from GK Chesterton –
  • the idea of what we should love, our community not this blob called America
  • the Family is the Flag of the world, you don’t need any other flag
  • do we have a civilization of love?

HEADLINE: SC Gov. McMaster wants you to take a stand on Super Bowl Sunday by Noah Feit

  • you WILL stand for the anthem or else….
  • what about, you will go to church on Sunday or else?
  • reading the Governors Proclamation
  • “I love my country, the 300 yards etc I can actually see around me! It is time to say NO. I don’t need to bomb other countries to prove I love my country.” – David Simpson
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Caller Kresh from Baltimore: Increase in Military increase spending and the SCALE of a 16% increase

  • that is more than the entire country of Russia by 30billion and they are the 3rd largest military spending country!
  • our spending is out of control!
  • are we considering how much the average Russian makes a year vs what an American makes?
  • “Napkin Math”
  • Brother Francis story
  • there is a flag we should all agree to stand for which is the Carillon-Sacré-Coeur Flag (Sacred Heart)






Skype: Brother Andre Marie

  • What is the law and why it matters? Tonights lecture
  • what kinds of law? human law vs divine law
  • Pope Leo XIII – Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae Concerning New Opinions, Virtue, Nature and Grace, with Regard to Americanism
  • modernizing Catholicism for Americans to absorb
  • Brother Francis FTW
  • Pope Leo XIII was considered a liberal Pope
 8:48 Welcome to the final segment of The Mike Church Show

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Caller Don from Florida:

  • the scale of the military is the problem
  • I believe the issue is that Americans are trying to find something to cling to. The Church has failed them in the fact of not preaching loudly enough.
  • a Donald Trump like figure gives Americans something to flock to because they don’t have the Church
  • why aren’t you trying to convert the world?
  • the military individual simply doesn’t get the order right
  • we want to reduce everything down to immigration (the immigrant didn’t destroy the communion rails, the immigrants didn’t tell us to print money or to continue to abort babies
  • Mexicans were former Catholics
  • we want people to come here that will love our country like we love our country
  • “When many of the immigrants came here, one of the first things they built were Churches. Why aren’t these new immigrants building churches or asking for their Catholic culture to be brought to the forefront.” – Don
  • reference St Patrick Cathedral on 5th Avenue in NYC
  • back to the SOTE (state of the empire)
  • example with Georgia – standing armies
  • Americans are hooked on pleasure and that is why they don’t question the militaries growth. They love their comforts, Amazon showing up at their door next day etc They don’t want to rattle that comfort cage. “The Comfort Cage” – Don
9:16  Sundays Holy Day of Obligation – Super Bowl Sunday

  • back to the Governors Proclamation of standing for National Anthem during Super Bowl















HEADLINE:  By Booking A Porn-Maker To Get At Trump, Jimmy Kimmel Degrades America by Amy Otto

MEN, grab a weapon/rosary and get in the game.

  1. abortion
  2. contraception
  3. pornography
  4. sodomy

Disney owns ABC do they think it is appropriate to promote pornography? It doesn’t matter what time of day it is done.

back to headline

  • why isn’t the Holy Family the NORM?
  • “how many mortal sins were committed due to that interview?” – Mike Church
  • Kimmels guest choice is about as meaningful as…#TimesUp
  • it takes 2 to tango people
  • THIS is why you have a duty to support the VRN. We are proof you can talk politics, religion and NOT use smut to do so. We have the remedy…the order of the vocations.
  • Getting The Order Correct
  • “Do you see now why our Professional vocations are always secondary to our Primary vocation?” – Mike Church







 Caller John from Indiana:

  • Islam and the Catholic Church
  • We cannot all just have a coke and a hug

Catholic Air Raid Siren

  • trusting in the early Christians
  • why do we call it a schism?
  • What caused the split?
  • The schism implies that at one point there was “unity”
  • When a split occurs, one of the two cannot be true.
  • Do you really believe God created the Heaven and the Earth?
  • there are 12 parts of the Creed, why?
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Written by: MikeChurch

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