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Thursday-Deomoncrats To SCOTUS: Infanticide Continues Or The “Whirlwind” Will Make You Pay!

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    Thursday-Deomoncrats To SCOTUS: Infanticide Continues Or The “Whirlwind” Will Make You Pay! LoneRhody

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  • Chuck Schumer threatens two Chief Justices on the steps of the Supreme Court steps.
  • Joe Biden recap from 1987 when he lied about his law degrees and his ranking in his class.
  • Rashida Tlaib – calls for women to refuse to have sex w/ men until they hop on board w/ abortion at will.
  • Abortion case being heard by Supreme Court – Louisiana.



HEADLINE: Trump’s COVID-19 Response Will Make Or Break His 2020 Reelection Bid by Willis L. Krumholz

  • How do you measure someones success on how they react to a disease we have never encountered before?
  • Around 705 passengers out of the 3,711 on board the boat caught coronavirus.
  • More than half did not show any symptoms or signs of illness.
  • Six people from the boat have died, giving a death rate of 0.85 percent, Faust said.
  • However, he added that not a single death among passengers has been in a person under 70, showing the rate is lower still in younger cases.
  • Most were older patients in whom the chronic diseases listed above are prevalent. Most deaths occurred in Hubei province, an area in which lung cancer and emphysema/COPD are significantly higher than national averages in China, a country where half of all men smoke,’ wrote Faust.



 HEADLINE: Facebook Contractor Infected With Coronavirus At Seattle Office by ZeroHedge

  • Open Offices – these new ‘woke’ companies offer these open offices where you can bring your pet to work with you, there are no cubicles, you bring your bicycle into the office it is simply a hotbed for viruses.
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 Special Guest Bree Dail

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Buzz Patterson for Congress Republican Candidate CA-7

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  • There is a difference when you have been in the private sector before entering into politics. 
  • California has self-inflicted wounds.
  • You leave the major cites you will find the real people of California.
  • Cleaning up the cities is an individual from Virginia Beach and he has been going around the country cleaning up the cities that have been run by Democrats.
  • Nancy Pelosi’s district one of the most disorganized and homeless cluttered places.
  • WE have really strayed from our purpose in the Democratic party.
  • They used to be on the side of cleaner water, cleaner cities, mental health facilities and protection of the homeless.
  • Catholic Churches in Europe catching fire – Rise in Crimes against churches in France
  • There is definitely a trend here – mainstream media is not addressing this here in the states.
  • Open Doors
  • We see it here in the states in the form of ANTIFA.
  • Catholic News Agency – 
  • The United States has foreign policies that are not typically helpful to Christians in those poverty stricken countries.
  • They are fighting USAID, they are fighting CRS and they don’t have any government there to protect them.
  • Assad – takes care of the Christian minorities there.
  • We must discuss all of this that is happening in the middle East with these different ethnic and tribal groups. 
  • March 2019 – Newsweek ‘Catholic Churches are being Desecrated in France and officials don’t know why.’
  • Major fire 1 week before Notre Dame at a MAJOR Catholic Church just blocks away from Notre Dame.
  • Woman was arrested said she wanted to set the church on fire b/c of her Islamic faith. 
  • Yellow Vest Protestors – 
  • Turkey and Greece – 
  • The Church has completely abdicated its role there and there is a powder keg there in Europe.
  • Turkey is invading another NATO country Greece which is in violation of the treaty.
  • QUESTION: Where did the last Caliphate take place?
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  AUDIO: Chuck Schumer – You have released the whirlwind. 

Here we say “you have released the demons”

Mittus Chur Tweet: Okay @amconmag you have officially lost me as a reader. Today’s headlines: Trump: Public Health Menace, Trump’s Arms Control Charade, How Trump’s Ob-Sessions Could Cost Him. Just change your name already to the #NeverTrumpMag  

   AUDIO: Kevin James TikTok video


HEADLINE: We can’t end abortion unless we end contraception by Kathy Clubb


  1. What does God really think about contraception?
  2. How different would our pro-life efforts be if Christians stopped contracepting?
  3. Can we selfish human beings be trusted to decide how many children God wants us to have?
  • “Luther, Wesley and at least some Calvinists are on record as condemning contraception.” – 1930 Lambeth Conference
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Written by: LoneRhody

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