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Thursday-Time To Withdraw Consent For Phase II of The CoronaHoax™

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    Thursday-Time To Withdraw Consent For Phase II of The CoronaHoax™ LoneRhody

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  Topic Rundown –

  • Louisiana will have a few things opening tomorrow. Emperor Edwards has given the go ahead for salons and a few other ‘slightly’ essential businesses.


HEADLINE: The Plandemic Facial Mask Issue by Gary G. Kohls, MD

  • 1. Cause hypoxia in some patients
  • 2. Cause hypercapnia in those same patients
  • 3. Impair one’s immunity; harmful respiratory viruses
  • 4. Increase the concentration of potentially-harmful viruses in the nasal passages
  • Wearing a mask in public – are stores requiring it near you?
  • If you feed the public this information how easily will they believe it?
47m  HEADLINE: There Is No Evidence Lockdowns Saved Lives. It Is Indisputable They Caused Great Harm by William M. Briggs

  • Human beings are biohazards, machines are not.
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1h13m  AUDIO: Senator Rand Paul on Obamagate

  • I don’t understand how Joe Biden can even continue his bid for Presidency.
  • You have Ukrainegate and now Obamagate.
  • You can view all the videos Mitter Church is talking about here:

HEADLINE: ‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time by John Daniel Davidson

HEADLINE: Trump on Unmasking: ‘This Was All Obama, This Was All Biden’ by Jeff Poor














Special Guest Iban Thranholm

European Correspondent 

  • Opening up most of everything next week.
  • Has there been a massive spike in cases? Sweden 
  • They have a higher mortality rate than Norway.
  • Herd Immunity – 
  • It is very dangerous for your health to be isolated.
  • You need the bacteria, you need to build your immune system.
  • It think our government are absolutely obsessed with power.
  • When you get power, you change.
  • You always want more and more.
  • They are seeing we are puppets and we will do whatever they say.
  • We have to repeat it over and over again to wake people up.
  • We cannot do this anymore. We cannot follow the government blindly. 
  • Danes are not open to any kind of critical thinking.
  • They believe and want to have the idea that Denmark is a great country and if evil exists we will just create a social program to combat it.
  • They simply don’t want to know. The majority just won’t recognize what is going on behind the scenes. 
  • Sweden has always been a what they call “neutral” or strange if you will.
  • This isn’t b/c Sweden is the land of liberty.
  • Crusader Stadium: The Tyranny lies in the compulsion to do something. 
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 Special Guest Joan Sheen Cunningham

  • Niece of Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen
  • He loved to play tennis.
  • I had a great relationship with him. 
  • He bought me a puppy when I was 6 which my parents didn’t really like.
  • He would just twist something around and make it into a joke.
  • He just had a great sense of humor!
  • There were just 4 of them, they grew up in a small town El Paso Illinois.
  • All 4 boys – they moved to Peoria for the Catholic school.
  • My grandfather was a farmer and my Uncle Sheen didn’t really like the farm life.
  • Mike gives his favorite Fulton Sheen story – 
  • He wasn’t the way he was on TV, he was very down to Earth.
  • He played on the floor with children he didn’t always wear his cape!
  • QUESTION: How did he get into broadcasting? He had been doing the Catholic Hour on the radio for years. There was a law that they had to give “x” time to the Catholic Church so that is how he got started.
  • Bishop of Rochester – he would have everyone parade down the street and into this little house and he would say Mass there.
  • Fulton is his mothers maiden name.
  • He was baptized PETER!
  HEADLINE: RuPaul Helps Deliver $100,000 to Planned Parenthood on ‘Price Is Right’ Special by Dr. Susan Berry 
















Special Guest Marianna Bartold 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – star on her veil 

  • The morning star, the evening star a lot of symbolism in the star.
  • We have seen the “stars” in context with Our Lady many times.
  • The Star of Esther – 
  • The Kingdom of God on Earth 
  • The Final Triumph 
  • The final battle would be for the family.
  • The family is the foundation of society.
  • The 3rd secret of Fatima – 
  • Myrrh Arabic for bitter
  • The hidden star – hidden bitter star ‘Esther’
  • Modern day Iran was Persia at the time.
  • In the book of Esther – Jews to be massacred no food, no drink, no fornication for 3 days to prepare.
  • Fatima Signs and Secrets – Marianna Bartold book will be available in the FTP 
  • Our Lady of Akita
  • God will chastise the world in a terrible manner.
  • Our Lady of LaSalette 
  • Fire falling from the sky and flooding    what could cause both to occur at one time?
  • The Miracle of the Sun –
  • The destruction of the world will be by fire.
  • People must amend their lives.
  • REPENT REPENT REPENT – make everything you do a sacrifice
  • Not only by word but by our actions, good works – we must pray for the conversion of sinners.
  • The 7 functions of signs – 
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Written by: LoneRhody

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