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Wisdom Wednesday: Catholic NeoCONS Never Met UnJust War They Don’t Like-with Brother Andre Marie.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Catholic NeoCONS Never Met UnJust War They Don’t Like-with Brother Andre Marie.


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  • Friday and Saturday you will have longer Epistles. 
  • Saturday will be the longest b/c it was the Ordination Days.
  • Typically there are no marriages during Lent b/c you have a ‘wedding feast’ following correct?
  • That just isn’t appropriate during Lent.
  • The Ruling Elites – they are unelected, they never leave, they are permanent fixtures. They stay through many administrations that are elected like Dr Fauci.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bryce Mitchell MMA Fighter from Arkansas – ‘I’m not going to no foreign country to fight in something I have no idea what’s going on. But if something comes here, I will dig my boots in Arkansas and fight for my state and country. I won’t evacuate, I will die here defending my state and country.’

  • The best example – I’ll plant my boots in the Arkansas soil – this is Patriotism. 
  • That is true love of country.
  • The love of FATHERland. 
  • Your town, your city, your state then it branches out to the country.
  • BOOK: John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition: How the CIA’s Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church by David Wemhoff
  • Patriotism isn’t trapping the global forcing Democracy on other countries that have no desire for it.
  • We know Oligarchs lie to create moral outrage so they can get their agendas passed through.
  • You horrify w/ images of the ‘bad guy’ so you can send in your American Puppet.
  • The true victims are the Ukrainian people that WE as Americans have weaponized the people to take a beating from Putin.
  • You don’t have to think Putin is a Saint to question what the Ukrainian narrative is.
  • Assuming Putin is targeting civilians he would be wrong.
  • I don’t know for sure he isn’t targeting civilians. 
  • But the people of Yemen deserved to die b/c they sided with Iran right?
  • America has placed Saudi Arabian Muslims higher than the Iranian Muslims.

HEADLINE with AUDIO: MSNBC’s Joy Reid: World paying attention to Ukraine because it’s a ‘White … Christian nation’ by Brandon Gillespie 


JUST WAR DOCTRINE – The Catholic Church has failed to teach Catholics about this.

HEADLINE: The Case for a Strong Western Response to Russia by Timothy J Williams  

  • We are preset to the WAR POSITION! 
  • When someone doens’t do what we like, we want to bomb the snot out of them. 
  • QUESTION: Is there ever a JUST reason for assassination? 
  • Taking out one guy doesn’t necessarily end the issue, you may create a martyr to rally around.

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Written by: Justin Redman

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