“Wisdom Wednesday”: The Fatally Flawed Shamazonian Prime Directive, Ember Days & The Flying Saint – Brother Andre Marie on The Mike Church Show

Written by on 09/18/2019

“Wisdom Wednesday”: The Fatally Flawed Shamazonian Prime Directive, Ember Days & The Flying Saint

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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

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  • Simcha Fisher under a different name Ms. Dawn Eden Goldstein
  • The Kabul small group of conspiratorial fomenters. The Jewish agnostic writings. A secret cult or religion.
  • Mammon = riches
  • He wasn’t referring to an ancient deity. 
  • The god of riches or stuff.
  • Our economy is driven by ridiculous overspending. Enticing them into buying something they don’t really need.
  • He told too much of what they did, the infanticide, the barbaric things that they did. They are a barbaric people.
  • They had this crazy idea of the noble savage so this reporting totally went against everything they thought and they refused to accept it.
  • This Frenchman ends up marrying a 12 year old of the tribe and became a complete apologist for them.
  • Primitive People – the idea they respect nature and we don’t, cannot and is not on an equal playing field. 
  • The dangers of industrialism – the fact is if you aren’t industrialize you don’t and can’t be a threat to nature. They are certainly not vegans, they kill their food, they kill other tribes they kill their own babies when they want.
  • They move from place to place in the jungle b/c they have to get away from their own human waste. This isn’t the Disney jungle we think about.
  • Pius X used this word in his condemnation of modernism. 
  • Innate religious sense that imminence of this God within me, my idea of it.
  • The modernist didn’t believe in it as such, Devine revelation.

HEADLINE: Amazonians: The Vatican’s Beloved Specimens, Preserved in Amber by Maureen Mullarkey

  • Anthropology is a valid science but it isn’t as important as being a missionary.
  • Being somewhat of an anthropologist is important when being a missionary.


  • St. John Vianney – The Cure of Ars
  • Padre Pio was a Capuchin 
  • The Flying Monk – principle when he offered Mass is when he would levitate. He was taken up into an ecstasy. God saw fit to work a miracle through him. 

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