Conservatives: State of The County Address, Who Needs It! Now, State Of The Empire? YEAH! USA! USA!

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Mandeville, LA – Survey’s say that the #MAGA zombies approved of President trump’s State of The Empire address by 96-4% as the “best expression of conservatism since Reagan”. Wow. So, tax-cuts, phony WallStreet “net worth gains”, the prospect of nuclear war and spending trillions on “job-training” and “crumbling infrastructure” (plus using “strategic nukes” on civilian populations) are now the benchmarks of “conservatism. Did these “conservatives” attend and express similar euphoria at their local State of The County Addresses?

Timea  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
 6:17 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on this first day of February 2018

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 6:20 Every time we post a title, mysteriously later that day, someone else uses the exact same story and ‘steals’ our title.





Mike’s #MAGA friend

  • the DOW will not get you or your children to a  holy death and blessed eternity

    Prima Facie evidence of Blobistan’s #MAGA zombies
  • Instead of #MAGA we need “Make America Holy Again”
  • You don’t live in an Empire but you do live in your neighborhood
  • Mike, you’re always glass half empty (from a listener email)
  • What is the purpose of the SOTU?
  • How can you be star-spangled great without prayer?
  • You actually have a prayer group at VRN [email protected]
  • ISIS is not in the Gulf of Mexico….there is NO local threat
  • Example of the Crusade Channel
6:46 The murder of the soon to be born is more legal than the $7 Trillion gain President Trump boasted and bragged about the other day.

  • Get rid of the regime in Albany NY
6:54 Republishing Butlers Lives of the Saints – seeking some help…….hint hint

Bartleby – where you will find all your Saints of the day

   6:55 HEADLINE: The number of people using Facebook daily in North America dropped for the first time by Matt Rosoff

  • things are being displayed on your feed that profit off of the placement
  • you stop using FB how are they going to hit you with the ads?






Usable Nuclear Weapons

Just War Theory

AUDIO: killed 100,000 in Civil War with no due process and it was the right thing to do.

FULL AUDIO CLIP in context: are we in a war situation or law enforcement situation

“Killing non-combatants is NEVER the RIGHT thing to do” – Mike Church

AUDIO: can the President kill anyone anywhere?

AUDIO: Idiocracy from courthouse

7:11 HEADLINE: Trump Nuke Plan Resets the Doomsday Clock by Scott Ritter

Russia is NOT instigating anything with us, try again

7:27 Welcome back to the LIVE Mike Church Show on

FLASH SALE OF THE DAY: in the Founders Tradin’ Post

All Souls Forget Me Not by Rev. Louis Gemminger





 back to headline: Trump Nuke Plan

  • low-yield nuclear warheads
  • The ICBM attack destroys all targets and kills 2-3 million North Koreans; the B-61 strike does the same, while limiting casualties to a few hundred deaths at each target.
  • “Why would you want to be apart of this?” – Mike Church
  • “Divine intervention may be all we have left.” – Mike Church




















Caller Gregory Carpenter host of The Reverse Deception

  • Greg’s birthday to Mike – he will translate Humility of Heart into Spanish!
  • examples of how government workers have no loyalty
  • We have the same thing here in Mordor – Greg
  • A Tidal Wave Effect in DC – it becomes a parking lot on every road out of DC, this lasts until 7pm sometimes
  • DCA if you can fly into anywhere else, do it!
  • Help us promote VRN! If you need a logo, send an email to [email protected] and she will gladly get you some materials to promote the VRN
  • Dooms Day Clock – has been around since we had nuclear weapons
  • We are now down to 2 minutes, it is the lowest it has been since 1953
  • It is a subjective analysis
  • HEADLINE: For 25 Years, U.S. Special Forces Carried Miniature Nukes on Their Backs 
  • Smaller is better right?! (insert sarcasm) – Greg
  • We have bullets now that can go around a corner! – Greg
  • “Would an older computer would it be hack resistant? Anything that has POWER is hackable.” – Greg
  • in-house chat service with Mike’s old Mac
  • VISUAL for YouTube- Mike’s old Mac laptop Powerbook G4/RISC processor
  • that laptop was made in 2003 (5 years before the iPhone)
  • The speed wars are over, they cannot make faster processors…they aren’t even trying to make them faster. – Mike
  • The dirty secret with Microsoft is they never come out with a NEW operating system. they just add another code to the existing layers. – Greg
  • Part 4 out of the Series of 6 played in the rotation yesterday on Coinage (we will make this a on-demand series soon)
  • Referencing other countries such as Russia “Are they responded to our behavior or are they the aggressors through all of this?” – Greg
  • If God wanted to end the world and population, He knows how to do it. – Mike
  • Sanctions are born by the population…the innocent population. Starving people to death is cruel and inhumane. We have citizens that call for it! – Mike
  • Trump actually said we will direct Congress to stop foreign aid in the SOTU
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Welcome to the final segment of The Mike Church Show

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8:45 Movie Silence

Saint Francis of Xavier

  • The Emperor was treated as a God
  • St. Francis Xavier incorruptible arm (image)






HEADLINE: A World-Wide Petition to the Bishops: We Ask for Kneelers for the Faithful Who Want to Receive Communion Kneeling by Marco Tosatti

  • Story of Mike’s friend referencing Consecrated Host of our Lord as the “wafer”
  • If you hold the Catholic view that the ‘real presence’ is there, then you are on the right side. There is a Grace that comes with knowing that.
  • AUDIO: Father
  • 4 reasons
  1. adoration of God
  2. thanksgiving to God
  3. reperation
  4. requesting divine help
  • praying in public and in unity with others
  • releasing Grace to save souls
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FLASH SALE OF THE DAY: in the Founders Tradin’ Post

All Souls Forget Me Not by Rev. Louis Gemminger

 9:12 back to headline: World-Wide Petition to the Bishops



iTunes looking for our channel – an animated stream

download iTunes (internet radio) News Talk Radio

scroll down and find the Crusade Channel

  9:24 HEADLINE: Supper clubs are great. Here’s how to start your own. by Bonnie Kristian

  1. Pick your membership
  2. Set a schedule
  3. Make a few rules
  4. Stay low-key

I love the idea of supper clubs, this promotes community!








No one cares about debt anymore. Who actually cares about debt?

HEADLINE: Death of the debt hawks by James Pethokoukis

  • That is why our personal debt is through the roof these days.
  • What were these lenders replaced by? Those banks that loan you money are not using THEIR money.
  • The Federal Government now own ALL OF IT.
  • Who is reaping the benefit of YOUR loan? FHA who owns that? Uncle Sam
  • this is all after the big banks carve off their share of your loan
  • This was a genius plan by former President Obama
  • One small kink in this master plan….the number of foreclosures is on the rise
  • it was shocking to not hear DEBT mentioned ONE TIME in SOTU
 9:45 GK Chesterton

  • you cannot love an abstraction
  • Can you hug patriotism? You can be a patriot but you cannot love patriotism.
  • How do you love America? You can love your town…you live there.
9:53  Caller Mitch from Missouri

  • the old home ownership the American Dream
  • I don’t “own” that house.
  • You own the debt associated with that thing, not the actual thing. -Mike Church
  • Property taxes example
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