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Friday-The Shampeachment Dems Are Covering For The More Crooked Than Hillary Bidens

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Joe Biden

Al Gore and Geta Thunberg

Climate Change and Davos

President Trump will have his chance on Saturday

Adam Schiff

Impeachment Recaps

32m Actual Quid Pro Quo – 

Joe Biden bragging about Quid Pro Quo and Ukraine when he was Vice President

  • There can be no doubt this was started YEARS ago. They didn’t just start this defense in September.
  • Schiff’s committee the Republicans and President were not allowed to call any witnesses.
  • This was already written in their timeline.
  • This whole thing was scripted years ago.
  • This wasn’t something that just came into being. This wasn’t something that happened organically.
  • Prof. Jonathan Turley George Washington University– they made the mistake and allowed him to testify b/c they knew he voted LEFT but they didn’t account for 


47th Annual March For Life 

  • Planned Parenthood is using $45 million in ads against President Trump.
  • President Trump will be the first President to attend EVER!
  • AOC Twitter Feed – Pregnant women. This administration is now targeting pregnant. women. When you single out the most vulnerable, the cruelty is the point.
  • Birth Tourism – President Trump is going after these people, this is what the Tweet is in reference to. 


   Davos, Greta Thunberg and Al Gore – 
  AUDIO: Rudy Giuliani LIVE on Fox News 

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  AUDIO: Rudy Giuliani LIVE on Fox News 

  • When are you going to present the evidence Rudy?
  • Starting tomorrow – 3 bribes associated w/ the Bidens
  • Obama’s National Security Council – told Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Trump and Trump Jr.
  • Rudy is going to drop the hammer tomorrow on the Biden’s.
  • They really should be seeking shelter.
  • I don’t think he is kidding when he says he has massive bombshells showing their corruption.
























 Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond host of Reverse Deception

Follow Mr. Carpenter here: @gscarp12

  • Whistleblower application form – 
  • Did President Trump want this Impeachment so he could get Joe Biden?
  • In order to win the argument you must control BOTH sides of the conversation.
  • What Trump did was allow the person to comit, gave them the information he thought they wanted to hear and they ran with it. Then he was able to collect all the information that this person was pushing out.
  • This is how your CIA employee was able to get all the information to the Democrats.
  • He only received the information the Trump administration baited them into getting.
  • “The Biden’s are corrupt.” – Donald Trump getting onto Air Force One
  • You don’t say stuff like this w/o having the proof behind the statement.
  • He knows and has the evidence the Bidens have done wrong things.
  • These employees have “White House” laptops!
  • They all go back to the designated collection server.
  • Standard counter-intelligence procedures.
  • What Giuliani has is solid gold and the Biden’s will go down.
  • This information is damning. 
  • There is no way these men, Presidents defense team, aren’t in with Giuliani’s plan.
  • This is the greatest reverse deception here.
  • 1974 – Privacy Act 
  • These people do NOT HAVE this cover! If you work for the government you do not have the protection of the Privacy Act.
  • When you open these government computers, you get a pop-up window that reminds you, that information can and will be used and shared if necessary under any investigations.

HEADLINE: Biden, McConnell and China by James Freeman

  • $1.5 Billion was Hunter Bidens investment in this company

HEADLINE: HERE WE GO… Happening Tomorrow! Rudy to Begin Revealing Top Level Democrats Making Millions of Dollars Selling Their Public Office by Christina Laila

  • Intellectual property – 
  • SSID or the WiFi networks and their passwords as people connect to these.
  • There are 23 networks here at the office I am at. I have all the usernames and passwords for everything in this building right now!
  • I can pull all their intellectual property and shut this business down.
  • China had to fold on the trade agreement b/c the government owns the banks.
  • The Chinese government wanted NO part of this so there was no option.
  HEADLINE: Ukraine Will Get the Truth on Corruption by 
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TRIVIA Question: What did Giuliani do before he was Mayor of NYC?

ANSWER: District Attorney 

QUESTION: What does a DA do exactly? 

ANSWER: He prosecutes the ‘bad’ guys.

   HEADLINE: Did Saving Sex For Marriage Help Propel Tim Tebow’s Success? by Justin McClinton

  • “Tim Tebow, famous athlete and virgin, understood he wouldn’t find fulfillment in ‘casual’ sex. Funny Twitter memes aside, young men should learn from his example.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tim Tebow and his mother Super Bowl Commercial ProLife

  • Tim Tebow chose to do the right thing.
  • He was a virgin until he got married.
  • The Tim Tebow Foundation Night To Shine
 2h45m  HEADLINE: Onward, Catholic Soldiers by Michael Warren Davis

“the war of the demons on the children.” – G.K. Chesteron 

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