Free Farm Friday

JohnDeere Surrenders But Most ‘Muricans remain Uninterested in WHERE Their Food Comes From!

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Free Farm Friday 

Brian and Melissa from Wild Aster Farm

Brian K from Texas


Wild and Free – New Segment on the Crusade Channel

1st Segment will be on Rose Hips – January/February and March one of the most available herbs during the dead of winter can still be found.

  • You are both really great behind the microphone, I wouldn’t have guessed you have stage fright. 
  • Wild and Free Herb Report!
  • Heavily regulated FDA area in North Carolina – you can do them but if they find out they will heavily come after you.
  • You can’t say a certain plant lowers your blood pressure.
  • You can say it but they will come after you.
  • There are instances that they will come after you and take your farm.
  • People who sell herbs or supplements the FDA will come after you and they will leave you absolutely nothing.
  • Dr. Mercola and FDA warning letters – 
  • You can’t link CLAIM to COMMERCE. 
  • They assume you are making a claim about your product so you can’t even link the two on your website.


  • I haven’t had anything like that happen to me personally but I don’t technically sell my produce. 
  • I barter w/ the neighbors etc and we don’t like the FDA and those alphabet groups.


  • You can’t say Eczema or COVID, vaccine or the flu or they will automatically come after you.
  • They create the problem and then create the medication that they prescribe to you for your problem.


  • The price of eggs – some is inflation but there was a high demand too.
  • 4-5% increase for inflation and demand.
  • In a chicken cycle they slow down in production due to the winter.
  • Then you had the Avian flu where they culled 44 million birds.
  • There is a combination of inflation etc so it isn’t JUST inflation with egg prices.

HEADLINE: John Deere gives U.S. farmers right to repair equipment by Darryl Coote

  • U.S. manufacturer John Deere has agreed to allow American farmers the right to repair their own equipment, according to a U.S. agriculture industry lobby group.
  • The AFBF (American Farm Bureau Federation) usually sides w/ the big company but this time they sided w/ the farmers.
  • When you get that big it tends to create other problems.
  • When you get too big and out of scale you have to buy more equipment from the big companies to help harvest and you are then officially out of scale.
  • Farmer Brown should give up on the idea of selling your produce out of state.

Written by: Justin Redman

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