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Mayor Pete Is An Abomination To Notre Dame & Saint Joseph The Worker! – The Mike Church Show

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Today’s Mike Church covers May 1st’s, Saint Joseph The Worker Day’s most important topics including: Mayor Pete Is An Abomination To Notre Dame & Saint Joseph The Worker!

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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St. Joseph the Worker Day!

Today also starts the first day of May. As you Catholics know, May is the month of Mary.



Controversy that has happened today – 

  • We won’t get into it today but I will tell you we now have ‘Catholics’ going after Catholics. 


Mueller Report – 

  • You had your chance Mueller. You reported on it and now you are done. Go back into retirement. I don’t need to hear you regurgitate what you put in your report. 
  • So we will not be discussing his testimony today on the show.










Pete Buttigieg –

HEADLINE: Pete Buttigieg’s Marxist Father by Christine Niles

  • Mayor Pete Is An Abomination
  • “Professor Buttigieg sat on the advisory board of the journal “Rethinking Marxism,” and was an editor of “Boundary 2,” a journal that also promoted socialist thought. He also participated in the 150th anniversary of Karl Marx & Richard Engels’ Communist Manifesto, whose prose he lauded for its “poignancy.”
  • Public enemy number one for Gramsci was the Catholic Church because of the ‘ideological’ hold it had over the masses.
  • I’m telling you this is NOT a coincidence. This was all done intentionally.
  • This was done as a slap to Our Lady.
  • The first openly gay presidential candidate, Buttigieg has proudly flaunted his “marriage” to Chasten Glezman, a gay activist who joked during his keynote speech at the 2019 Houston Human Rights Campaign dinner that he “could be the first man in history to pick out the White House china” — referring to duties traditionally reserved to the First Lady.
  • His father HATED anything dealing with the Catholic Faith.
  • Mayor Pete Is An Abomination
31m AUDIO: Feast of St. Jospeh from Sensus Fidelium

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AUDIO/VIDEO: My Dinner With Andre – Conspiracy Theory Scene























Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

Follow Brother Andre Marie here: 

  • Month of May is for Mary!
  • Our Lord took human form.
  • Our Lady is ONLY human so human nature is exhausted too!
  • Mary is what we are supposed to be!
  • The union of two natures in one person. He isn’t like Hercules or anything.
  • Antonio Gramsci – spent much of his career in prison. He didn’t waste his time he wrote tons of books while in prison.
  • All men with their nature, if they didn’t have a set of rules they would all run around trying to kill each other.
  • Social Contract Theory – it was certainly revolutionary and paved the way for Communism. 
  • The point is that there is an opportunity for everyone.
  • An equitable distribution. 
  • Distributism – is the name given to a socio-economic and political creed originally associated with G.K. Chesterton

AUDIO/VIDEO: A Gentleman’s Debate: Distributism vs. Free-Markets (Joseph Pearce & Jay Richards – Acton Institute)

  • Workers around the world turned this into the Day of the Worker.
  • All throughout the Communist years the workers celebrated this day.
  • A Socialist ‘Feast’ day you might say.
  • The Red Menace which was a genuine threat, the Pope thought he had to deal with.
  • Errors on economics that were being spread. So the workers would be educated about their general rights.
  • He wanted a movement toward Catechizing the worker.
  • Brother Andre Marie reads a Hymn for the Feast of St. Joseph the worker – a Christian order in society and in the home. 

HEADLINE: Modernists Were Wrong Feature Presentation Part 1 by Mike Church and Brother Andre Marie

  • Socialism is defined as a political order in which private property doesn’t exist. 
  • Tonights ReConquest – An interview w/ Scott Smith he is from Louisiana. He is a lawyer but he describes himself as a Catholic Nerd. JRR Tolkien book called Lord of the Ring and the Eucharist.
  • ReConquest Episode:  Tolkien’s Catholic Mythology 
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HEADLINE: This Tolkien biopic is woefully unconvincing by Fr. Michael Ward

  • So basically they made a movie about a very Catholic man and refused to mention the “C” word in it.
  • This shouldn’t be a surprise to any Catholic.












 HEADLINE: Not A Democracy by Bradley J Birzer

  • “Democracy has become so overused as to become a synonym for all that is good in the world, especially identified as rainbow-headed unicorns with the wings of a Pegasus, flying unhesitatingly from imagined world to imagined world, the latest one progressing ever more and more toward all that is holy. Democracy, it seems, is freedom, goodness, truth, dignity, and beauty.”
  • When people think democracy they confuse it with equality.
  • We are NOT a Republic. 
  • Not in any meaningful sense of the word.
  • Perhaps there are some tiny communities that are but the US is not.
  • The idea that you couldn’t have a monarchical system is wrong.
  • I disagree with Mr. Birzer on that but I would love to discuss it with him.
  • I won’t go on social media and blast him like others would.
  • Example of a system with NO democracy – THE BIBLE
  • Where else is there a system with NO democracy? The Family
  • Civilization in 6 Words – Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother
2h16m HEADLINE: Joe Biden Should Apologize To Clarence Thomas, Not To Anita Hill by Inez Feltscher Stepman


HEADLINE: Google Dumps Top Black, Female Conservative For Believing Men Can’t Be Women by Natasha Chart

PFLAG = Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays

  • People that have diagnosed mental illness, they get SSI checks and supplemental money for their care.
  • Transgenderism – is a mental disorder.
  • I fail to see what the tactical advantage this has.
2h26m Vietnam War and Just War – 

  • Where is the reality?
  • We seem to think all wars America finds itself in are “just”.
  • The Military Industrial Complex, thanks to the Vietnam War, has grown exponentially. 
Back to Google Story – 

  • The weak are the first to go.
  • The mentally weak are definitely the first to go.
  • Human beings cannot change sex! PERIOD.

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