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  • Countries returning to lockdowns
  • CDC 
  • Covid cases on the rise
  • Immunity & overall health
  Apathy and Inertia – too much of the former and not enough of the later. 
  Countries going BACK to LockDowns – 

  • Austria and Netherlands are locking down the unvaccinated as they are seeing a major surge in COVID cases.




HEADLINE: CDC Admits Crushing Rights of Naturally Immune Without Proof They Transmit the Virus by Aaron Siri

  • How many of you are in a group large enough to gather a sample where you can say, I can give you a study?
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  • FDA and the drug industry
  • Cancer treatment and laetrile
  • B17 – apricot seeds, apple seeds, plum seeds etc





 HEADLINE: Kmele Foster Is Right: Banning Critical Race Theory Isn’t Going To Stop It by Joy Pullmann

  • If any government declines to fund their activities, such speakers and authors would still be free to speak and publish as they wish. They would not be free, however, to force other people to subsidize their speech.
  • If speech banning didn’t work so very, very well, they’d let Trump back on Twitter and conservatives on CNN.
  • I have a counter proposal here, LEAVE the public schools.
  • We have to stop trying to change the TEAM.
  • Is there a vocation, a life long vocation to do that?
  • ANSWER: Yes, Christendom 
1h53m  TKD reads from I’ll Take My Stand – 

  • Perform more like a Southerner
  • We are experts in admonishing.
  • IMHO – The more Trad and more Trad Cath the better you get at admonishing.
  • Do you identify the Good, True and Beautiful?

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  Bee Gees Friday Super Medley 
  AUIDO/VIDEO: Heart breaking story from mother who lost her daughter after the Moderna shot


 SPECIAL GUEST – Dr Ryan N Cole, Pathologist

Website – https://www.rcolemd.com

HEADLINE: Dr. Ryan Cole: Stop the Insanity! This Is No Longer Good Science. 

Link has full video – 

  • 90% of the people in ICU’s are Vitamin D deficient.
  • UVB rays – there are times when even if the sun is out you are not getting Natural Vitamin D.
  • Our D levels drop, drop, drop during the winter months.
  • Vitamin D level above 50ng/ml and in normal range – maintain for COVID prevention.
  • Blood sugar levels are not elevated – for COVID prevention.
  • DAILY you should be taking – Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercitin
  • OTHER health related – healthy weight, good sleep and low stress
  • We eat way too much sugar and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Since the 1970’s you can see a linear link to this.
  • Over all the giant systems aren’t to HEAL you.

HEADLINE: Idaho’s Capitol Clarity forum invites Dr. Ryan Cole to present Covid 19 update by Team Cole via Dr Ryan Cole website

  • We have a system that isn’t set up to keep you healthy it is only there to cure you once you have an illness.
  • Mandates for Vaccines that do not prevent acquisition, transmission, disease, or death. Testing differences between unvaccinated and the vaccinated makes no sense! 
  • Data coming out of Vermont 76% deaths in double vaccinated, and Israel and the UK and Illinois show more deaths in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated. 
  • Rotational Grazing – Dr Ryan has 21 acres 
  • #LambSalmon = LAMB
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