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Mike Church Show-In The Eyes Of Many “Muricah’s Hospitals Have Become Concentration Camps

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  • Escaped monkeys in Pennsylvania 
  • Hearing yesterday on COVID w/ Senator Ron Johnson
     HEADLINE: Driver who stopped to help when truck carrying 100 lab monkeys crashed in Pennsylvania and put her hand in one of the cages says she now has a cough and pink eye: CDC urges anyone in contact with the macaques to seek medical attention by Christina Coulter, Matt McNulty and James Gordon 

  • So the truck driver told her the crates contained cats.
  • She reached down to comfort the ‘cats’ only to find out it was monkeys.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Registered Nurse Nicole Sirotek Testimony To Senator Ron Johnson – The Horrors and Abuse of Covid Patients

American Frontline Nurses – Nurse Nicole Sirotek

  • Remdesivir less than 25% survival if given 2 or more doses. 
  • I had to airlift my first 10 year old from the hospital yesterday. 
  • He had his first vaccine dose the day before he came into my ER.
  • As a nurse that has traveled to South America etc – you have a better chance of living in South Africa then here in the states.
  • No where in the US do we isolate people w/ no human contact. 
  • We don’t even do that in prisons but in the hospitals we are actively doing that!
  • The question is – the people perpetrating this, what is wrong with them?
  • Here in Louisiana – it is a felony if you come upon the scene of an accident and NO ONE is there to respond, if you leave the scene w/o trying to assist in some way…it is a FELONY!
  • Human life is treasured here in LA.
  HEADLINE: EXCLUSIVE: Why are Non-COVID Deaths Spiking Among Prime-Age Americans? by Petr Svab 

Drugs Alcohol and Murder ——

  • Drug overdoses skyrocketed in 2020 w/ more than 20,000 more dying in the 18-64 age group than the year before. The CDC preliminary data for the first half of 2021 indicated the trend even somewhat intensified. 


  1. Both the within-country and the between-country data show that people who are vaccinated but not boosted are at higher risk of Omicron infection than the unvaccinated. 
  2. Thus vaccines will actually make hospitalization or death from Omicron MORE likely unless they somehow protect against serious outcomes from Covid infections more than they increase the odds of infection. That’s simple math. 
  3. It is unclear whether the vaccines interfere with the development of long-term post-infection immunity in people who are infected with Omicron. 
  4. It is clear that a third vaccine dose temporarily reduces the risk of serious illness or death from Omicron.
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   Monsignor – President Putin’s Words 

HEADLINE: Putins’ Common Sense by His Excellency Richard Williamson 

  • The advocates of so-called ‘social progress’ believe they are introducing humanity to some kind of new and better consciousness. However, their prescriptions are not new at all. Russia has been there already. After the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks, relying on the dogmas of Marx and Engels, also said that they would change existing ways and customs, indeed the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society. The destruction of age-old values, religion and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family with closest relations denouncing one another to the State, was proclaimed as progress then, and was widely supported around the world, as now. 
  • Today it is monstrous when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa. It verges on a crime against humanity, and it is being done in the name and under the banner of progress. The cost of such ill-conceived social experiments is sometimes beyond estimation. Such actions can destroy not only the material, but also the spiritual foundations of human existence, leaving behind a moral wreckage where nothing can be built to replace it for a long time.



HEADLINE: The Coming Dethronement of Joe Biden by Roger Kimball  

  • Biden’s situation presents the unnamed committee who actually runs the presidency with a huge and delicate problem. It can’t last.
  • Homeschooling mother Debra Heine is a writer for American Greatness.
  • QUESTION: What is white ash made of?
  • ANSWER: Super fine particles of GLASS
  • Volcanic ash is a mixture of rock, mineral, and glass particles expelled from a volcano during a volcanic eruption.

HEADLINE: Volcanic Ash by National Geographic 

VOLCANIC ASH – Unlike the ash produced by burning wood and other organic materials, volcanic ash can be dangerous. Its particles are very hard and usually have jagged edges. As a result, it can cause eye, nose, and lung irritation, as well as breathing problems. While in the air, ash can cause problems for jet engines, forcing airlines to cancel flights through the affected area. An ashfall that leaves a thick layer of ash may cause roofs to collapse, clog gutters, and interfere with air conditioning units. Animals in an area coated by volcanic ash may have difficulty finding food, as the plants in the region may be covered in ash. Ash can also contaminate water supplies.

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Paul Marik – Senator Ron Johnson COVID HearingThe Federal government is incentivizing hospitals to prescribe a medication which is toxic. 20% bonus on entire hospital if they prescribe Remdesivir to medicaid patients.  
  AUDIO/VIDEO: COVID Hearing Lawyer Thomas Renzsince the jab rollout we have seen miscarriages up 300%, Cancers up 300% Neurological problems up 1000%. 

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2h25m  AUDIO/VIDEO: COVID Hearing Dr Ryan Cole‘So this false construct form our federal agencies that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated spreading COVID is a pathophysiological lie.’

AUDIO/VIDEO: COVID Hearing Dr. Peter McCulloughcompares our US hospitalization data to that from around the world

AUDIO/VIDEO: Peter Doocy w/ Bret Baier – exchange w/ Joe Biden‘what a stupid son of a bitch’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bari Weiss on Bill Maher showI’m over COVID, it’s been a pandemic of bureaucracy 

























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Thesis in 1999 – 

HEADLINE: King Louis XVI – The 1st Catholic Monarch Martyred by Free Masons by Mike Church 

  • The Last Gospel – Traditional Latin Mass
  • Once they realize He is the Messiah then it’s game on.
  • The Enlightenment 
  • Catholic Hierarchy – the Pope used to wear a triple crown to symbolize his vicarship over the church.
  • He wasn’t ‘the’ king but it was a symbol he represented the King.
  • After the fall of Rome what happened?
  • You had a system of kingdoms rise up after Rome fell.
  • Why a kingdom?
  • The form of government they had was actually a republic. 
  • 3 Basic Plots 
  • The Abolishment of Church, Family and 
  • Russian Revolution of 1917


  • Soviet Red Revolution 
  • Antonio Gramsci – Italian Economist -In 1911 Gramsci began a brilliant scholastic career at the University of Turin, where he came in contact with the Socialist Youth Federation and joined the Socialist Party (1914). During World War I he studied Marxist  thought and became a leading theoretician. He formed a leftist group within the Socialist Party and founded the newspaper L’Ordine Nuovo (May 1919; “The New Order”). Gramsci encouraged the development of factory councils (democratic bodies elected directly by industrial workers), which undercut the control of trade unions. The councils participated in a general strike in Turin (1920), in which Gramsci played a key role.
  • His deal was getting women working and men and women into colleges together.
  • Why?
  • You wanted to breakdown the moral compass of the women and men that were put together.
  • Breakdown the idea of property – 
  • Communism vs Socialism
  • Jeffery Sachs 

HEADLINE: The Great Convergence by Michael Warren Davis 

  • There are 31 million souls in Texas why does it need a government that sits on top of another government? 
  • The Mind must be conformed to look toward the central authority. 
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