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Mike Church Show-Ted Lieu Does What Biden Should Do: Dare Catholic Bishops To Act All Bishop-y And Stuff

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    Mike Church Show-Ted Lieu Does What Biden Should Do: Dare Catholic Bishops To Act All Bishop-y And Stuff LoneRhody

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33m HEADLINE: Seattle Pride charges white people ‘reparations’ fee while ‘BIPOC’ attend for free by Ari Hoffman 

  • So LGBTQ+ people are now discriminating against themselves?
  • I thought all were welcome?
  • I thought you do you and love is love ruled this group of people?
  • Now we see it is truly all about the almighty dollar.
HEADLINE: Sesame Street introduces family with two gay dads during Pride Month by CNN 

  • Remember when children shows just taught kids colors and shapes?
  • Today they teach about gay pride, being ‘yourself’ etc.
  • If you can’t get the simple things right like one mom and one dad, how can you get anything else right?
  • Scandalizing your neighbor. 
  • There is a reason why twice the Lord admonishes this behavior.
46m HEADLINE: Colorado Governor Signs Bill Allowing Cities to Set Their Own Gun-Control Laws by Jack Phillips

  • Everyone needs weapons safety and education.
  • I don’t know any responsible weapon owners that haven’t gone above and beyond to ensure safety at all times.
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1h29m Catholic Church and USCCB

HEADLINE: Pro-Abortion Congressman Ted Lieu ‘Dares’ Bishops to Deny Him Holy Communion by 

  • This is where the question of ULTIMATE AUTHORITY comes in.
  • You have to answer this correctly.
  • We know exactly what the faith teaches us.
  • We know you cannot be pro-abort and Catholic.
  • You cannot be Catholic and pro-sodomite.
  • If you are NOT in a state of Grace, you do not receive Holy Communion, if you do it is damnation! 
  • There is nothing that says Ted Lieu has to be Catholic.
  • He can become Protestant and get the ‘wafer’ and the wine remembrance cup at any other church he so desires.
  • Why must they always try to change the Catholic Church?
  • This isn’t something the church made up.
  • This is GOD’s teaching for the benefit of people.
  • USCCB just had a ‘online’ conference about Eucharistic Revival Initiative. 
  • CRUSADER Stadium: Even Martin Luther had the decency to stop calling himself a Catholic
  • QUESTION: Why won’t they just find a new religion? 
  • ANSWER: Because demons know which faith is the real true faith….the Catholic Church
  • They don’t leave b/c they want other Catholics to follow suit.
  • To follow them into the sinful lifestyle.

HEADLINE: Ecclesiastical Incoherence by Eric Simmons

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Back to Eric Sammons Headline – 

Full List of 60 Democratic Catholic advocates of Catholic church and Communion 

  • Tell them to put it in writing!
  • Pope Francis needs to put this in writing. He needs to publicly correct this…formally FROM THE CHAIR!
  • Father Glodd Crusader Stadium: Enforce Canon 915: Those who are excommunicated and are obstinate in grave sin ARE NOT TO BE ADMITTED TO HOLY COMMUNION.
American Airlines

HEADLINE: Pilot shortage forces American Airlines to cancel 303 flights over weekend: 3,000 MORE could be axed in July after pilots were fired at the start of pandemic and not enough have been rehired by Peter Belfiore 

 Catholic Church

QUESTION: Why are people leaving the Catholic church?

ANSWER: Because we have allowed the Bishops to water down the faith.

If they can’t be bothered to protect the sanctity of the Eucharist, what is left?

  • Entities and Institutions of MEN are no replacement or substitute.
  • Crusader Stadium Pater Glodd: Okay, we all need to get out of this tendency to call the Eucharist an “it,” this is NOT a thing; this is a HE: Jesus Christ truly present, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.
2h50m HEADLINE: Delete Your Amazon Prime Account. Now. by Michael Warren Davis

  • There is no Conservatism without the faith.
  • The Common Good
  • When men and kings pursued this common good, there was peace and prosperity.
SCOTUS Blog – In a victory for college athletes, SCOTUS unanimously invalidates a portion of the NCAA’s “amateurism” rules. The court says the NCAA can no longer bar colleges from providing athletes with education-related benefits such as free laptops or paid post-graduate internships.

  • So the cat is out of the bag people.
  • This means little Universities will take over all the smaller universities.
  • The small universities will no longer be able to compete against the BIG PAYOFFS given to the college athletes.
  • The Greatest Game Ever Played by Disney (movie)
  • QUESTION: Why was it called Open Championship?
  • Like the US Open tennis tournament – ANYONE can play, you must qualify to get into the tournament. 


HEADLINE: In Philadelphia Foster Care Case, Roberts Supreme Court Refuses To Protect Christians From Persecution by Margot Cleveland 
HEADLINE: White Illinois Farmers Sue Over Race-Based Farm Loan Relief Program by Matthew Vadum 
Angola 3 – The Angola Three are three African-American former prison inmates who were held for decades in solitary confinement while imprisoned at Louisiana State Penitentiary. The latter two were indicted in April 1972 for the killing of a prison corrections officer; they were convicted in January 1974.

Read all about the case here.

HEADLINE: What My Dad Taught Me, His Daughter, About Manhood — And Why It Matters by Elle Reynolds
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Written by: LoneRhody

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