Mike Church Show-The Great CoronaCoverup Has Begun With “Lockdowns Are Awesome” Fake News Events!

Written by on 05/21/2021

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28m HEADLINE: Column: The evidence is clear — COVID lockdowns saved lives without harming economies by Michael Hiltzik

LA Times Story

  • Right now we are in Phase 2 of everyone must still obey whatever the Government says b/c they know what’s best for your health.
  • They want to prevent future civilizations from even being born.
  • This is why they want all children vaccinated.
  • Complete top to bottom investigation on this COVID-19 time period.
  • Now that they have done it, they have to normalize it.
  • They have to show you they can and will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.
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44m HEADLINE: Mostly Republican Ballots Fail to Scan in Pennsylvania County Election, Stoking Concerns by Zachary Stieber

  • In the printing industry there are these things called PROOFS.

QUESTION: What is a proof?

  • So they are saying they are going to have a revote.
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HEADLINE: Video shows wild beatdown at Little Caesars in Georgia by Joshua Rhett Miller and Sam Raskin
1h28m CALLER: Todd McClure from Michigan

  • Today is my 5 year Anniversary into the Catholic Church.
  • Vaccinated people – I’m more scared of them than the virus.
  • The business sale has fallen through b/c the new people couldn’t get enough money.
  • Restoring the Faith Media – Mike – 
  • Pray Hope and don’t Worry ~ Saint Padre Pio
1h47m HEADLINE: Stop yelling stop, and start getting to work with your friends. by David Reaboi

  • We have been discussing this on the Crusade Channel for a few years now.
  • The urgency of the moment is here.
  • Authoritarianism and Nativism – 
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Cheese Lady Amanda – 

  • Fresh milk , butter and cheese.
  • Raw milk doens’t really go bad, it lasts very long but you really should try to consume when fresh. It will go sour sometimes but it won’t harm you in any way.
  • Fresh Mozzarella – 
  • When you start them early, like right off the breast, they will be amazingly healthy children.
  • Raw milk has so many enzymes and vitamins so it is absolutely the best for your children.
  • I hand milk the goats but with our cows we use the milker.
  • The key is to make sure everything is sterilized.
  • It is very important. This is why they started pasteurizing to begin w/ b/c people were getting sick.
  • The reason raw milk is illegal in some states is b/c they don’t want people to not sterilize buckets, cow teets and the jar you store it in.
  • 30 minutes to make mozzarella 
  • I buy my mozzarella culture online to get started called RENNET
  • You also get ricotta cheese with the curds from the mozzarella
  • Once you are done with the ricotta, you can water your plants with it, the chickens love it too.
  • Cow vs Goat
  • Cows you have to milk every single day twice a day.
  • Goats you can skip a day.
  • Cows are more difficult and more time consuming.
  • I also make soaps so I use all the extra milk that we don’t drink to make soaps.
  • There is nothing that goes to waste on our farm.
  • It becomes a lifestyle but it something that has to be kept up with.
  • We live completely off the grid so we call it Introvert Acres.

FARMER Mundy from New Jersey – 

  • Cheese making and sausage making workshops.


  • After adding pork to our infertile ground I ended up with 600 lbs of tomatoes that year.
  • We use our goats as snake deterrents too. They take care of all the tall grass so there really is no place to hide for them so our property is pretty clear of snakes.

HEADLINE: Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Rind by Alison Spiegel

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Home Cheesemaking by Ricky Carroll

New England Cheese Making Supply Co.  https://cheesemaking.com/

  • We have an amazingly Constitutional Sheriff, he steps up and takes care of the citizens here.
  • They try to fine people for not wearing masks.
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