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Mike Church Show-The Vote Fraud In Georgia Is Now Official And “Conspiracy Theories” Are Now Actual News!

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    Mike Church Show-The Vote Fraud In Georgia Is Now Official And “Conspiracy Theories” Are Now Actual News! LoneRhody

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden – ‘It’s no longer about who gets to vote…it’s about who gets to count the vote.’

  • So all those crazy conspiracy theorist were correct?
  • The election was in-fact stolen.
  • The Constitution clearly states – Original Jurisdiction will be given in certain castes.
  • What will the Notorious ACB do now?
  • QUESTION: What date did The My Pillow Guy say Trump would be back in office?
  • ANSWER: August 1st

HEADLINE: New Evidence Reveals GA Audit Fraud and Massive Errors PRESS RELEASE

  • Our eyes did not deceive us, what people swore on affidavits said they saw actually happened. 
  • AUDIO/VIDEO:  Tucker Carlson – Fulton County & the election – in Fulton County, GA
  • What will actually come of this?

HEADLINE: Georgia County Ballot Images Prompt Speculation Of “Provable Fraud” by Zachary Stieber via the Epoch Times 

  • Democrat Judges went along with this to help the county fraud for a long time.
  • The grandest of all deceit is that voting still matters or that it ever mattered to begin with.
  • Even when he Left losses they still win don’t they.
  • The Democrats in Texas fled the state on a private jet – 
  • The comments were “at least the left is doing something, the right never does anything”.
  • We live in a time where we just make up our own reality. 
  • Maggie was right earlier in her statement about living in a fantasy world.
  • We have men that think they can hope hard enough and miraculously produce milk to fee an infant.
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Who is the Prince of this World?

  • This is why the Democrats always seem like they are winning.
  • Our reward is NOT of this world.
1h33m HEADLINE: The Talibwoke  by Jay Whig

“The now-deserted and looted Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan signals much worse. Not only have we been defeated by the Taliban in Afghanistan, despite every advantage other than will, but it is impossible to escape a terrible parallel. The thought of the monument-destroying American Left is much like that of the Taliban, and portends the same dangers.”

  • When was the last time we saw a major sex ring busted up and arrests made?
  • I can tell you, it was when Donald Trump was President.
  • ‘The world watches as wokeism comes for statues and blasphemous art . . . and people. It will not be possible to simply stand by and watch what comes next, if it is allowed to get its way.”
  • It will always progress b/c ANY remnant of the Good True and Beautiful must be demolished/destroyed. 
  • What is being discovered about the scheme that the cabal just pulled off in this last election .
1h58m HEADLINE: Critical Race Theory Is a Hustle by Jason L. Riley

HEADLINE: Baltimore City Schools: 41% of high school students earn below 1.0 GPA by Fox Baltimore 

QUESTION: Who runs the Government Schools?

QUESTION: Why did Hitler pick on the Jews?

  • They were model citizens by normal definitions. 
  • They worked, they paid their bills, they were store owners…
  • Because they had a specific history that could be made into a modern villain. It could be turned into whatever Hitler wanted, he changed their history to be what he wanted. 
  • Your ancestors did ____ and before you can do it to us, we will put you in camps.
  • Now is the best time to strike.
  • They are going forward with everything b/c we have become pliable.
  • We have turned on our neighbors over this ‘virus’ so why not extend it?
  • “Ultimately, it’s about blaming your problems on other people—based on their race—which might be the last thing we should be teaching our children.”
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 Caller A-aron from IL 

  • Door to door vaccine ambassadors. 
  • Census – 
 HEADLINE: French Citizens Riot In Response To Plan To Mandatory Vaccine Passports by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News 

“French citizens rioted in response to plans by President Macron to mandate vaccine passports to enter venues like shopping malls, restaurants bars, hospitals, bars, cafés and access public transport.”

  • If the wealthy donor class wants the vaccine to be mandatory it will be mandatory.
  • This isn’t the single politician like the Nancy Pelosi or the average person like that.
  • We are talking about the big money guys.
2h59m  HEADLINE: Super Mario 64 Video Game Sells For “World Record” $1.5 Million At Auction by Tyler Durden
AUDIO/VIDEO: Alejandro Mayorkas – Biden admin threatens any refugee attempting to flee Cuba by boat will be returned immediately.

AUIDO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki – refuses to say Cubans are fleeing the country b/c of Communism ‘I think we’ve been pretty clear…they are opposed to the oppression to the mismanagement of the government in the country.’

  • There is no lie they won’t tell.
  • There is no reality they won’t say is false.
  • There is nothing they won’t or aren’t willing to fabricate.
 HEADLINE: Stop Emasculating Men, Then Wondering Where All The Good Men Went by  Greg Ellis

  • Remember when men used to ‘cat call’ people.





 HEADLINE: The Approaching Storm by CJ Hopkins 

“Brainwashing the masses is all fine and good, but, at some point, you need to goad the people who are resisting your new totalitarian “reality” into getting unruly, so you can crack down on them, and transform them into official enemies, which appears to be what is happening currently.”

  • Our own Governor Edwards said he was going to send in the National Guard into low income neighborhoods with the vaccines.
  • This is ultimately an attack on the Catholic faith.
  • The COVID people are the new religion.

“And so on … I’m tired of citing the facts. They do not make the slightest difference to the vast majority of New Normals, anyway. As I’ve noted in several previous columns, these people have surrendered their rationality, and have been subsumed into a totalitarian movement, which has become their perceptual and social “reality,” which their “sanity” now depends upon defending, so the facts mean absolutely nothing to them.”

HEADLINE: Nurse Blows the Whistle on the Medical Industry: ‘They’re Not Offering Informed Consent’ by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
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Written by: LoneRhody

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