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Mike Church Show-Wokeness Loses Its Fake Authority When You Say A MAN Wins MISS Nevada!

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    Mike Church Show-Wokeness Loses Its Fake Authority When You Say A MAN Wins MISS Nevada! LoneRhody

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HEADLINE: Transgender woman wins Miss Nevada USA pageant, making history by Jackie Salo

  • Where are all the women in outrage over this?
  • Women are being marginalized in everything.
  • They are being pushed out of all sports and now they are taking over pageants?
33m HEADLINE: Pella Aquatic Center confirms it allowed teenaged biological female to walk around topless, use men’s facilities with boys of all ages due to ‘gender identity’ by Jacob Hall 

  • “The City of Pella has received concerns related to the swimming attire of a patron who recently visited the Pella Aquatic Center. The City has reviewed the matter with legal counsel and no further action will be taken. The City considers this matter concluded.”
  • How many of you guys in the audience have played the game “titty twister” in the swimming pool when young?
  • Now you have a 13 year old male performing the ‘titty twister’ on a female in the pool who happens to identify as a boy…what happens?
  • Not to mention if they are both under 18 this is child pornography if an adult films this, takes a picture of this or shares this on social media.


HEADLINE: Supreme Court Gives Democrats Free Rein To Transgender Public Schools by Margot Cleveland

  • What did I say back in 2006?
  • You need to discuss what the sexual act is that sodomites do.
  • You need to publicly discuss WHAT sets them apart.
  • In graphic detail b/c people will be completely disgusted w/ it.
  • They use terms like ‘gay’ because they KNOW you will be disgusted by what they do.
  • The whole “love is love” is used the same way.
  • Contraception that lasts for 3 years – Nexplanon 
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Energy Secretary Jen Granholm on CNN – ‘we don’t know fully but the seas are rising and climate change, causes loss of beaches and that is part of the problem w/ the building collapse in Florida’.

  • Hey Jen – the seas are NOT rising.


MSM Theory: Raising of the water table and made the concrete wet and that is why the building collapsed.

Engineer: NO THAT ISN’T what happened.

  • Why do we get it and other people don’t?
  • Because we understand nature.
  • God did not make nature incomparable to understand.
  • Because we can understand nature and have natural formation, then we can process information.
  • PHRASE: Whom gods would destroy, they first make mad.
  • PHRASE IN LATIN: Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat


Caller Kenny in Arizona – 

  • People aren’t paying attention and don’t care until it effects them.
  • People don’t intentionally seek the truth until the opposite of truth effects them.
  • The whole “that’s not my problem” phrase is the actual problem.
  • The Christian man is different from the Pagan man.
  • The strongest concrete in the world is in water!
  • I work in construction and can tell you that.
  • The concrete being near water WAS NOT THE ISSUE in Florida.
HEADLINE: Error mars vote count in NYC mayoral primary by Karen Matthews and Deepti Hajela 

  • So they really think people are that dumb to think their statement of “it just wasn’t cleared from last voting round”.
  • Why did they need a NEW system?
  • So they basically showed one person winning them seemingly all of the sudden fell far behind and lost his significant lead.
  • Just before 10:30 p.m. it released a statement saying that 135,000 ballot images it had put into its computer system for testing purposes had never been cleared.
  • DONALD J TRUMP – Just like in the 2020 Presidential Election, it was announced overnight in NYC that vast irregularities and mistakes were made and that Eric Adams, despite an almost insurmountable lead, may not win the race. The fact is, based on what has happened, nobody will ever know who really won. The Presidential Race was a Scam and Hoax with numbers and results being found that are massive, shocking, and determinative. Watch the mess you are about to see in NYC, it will go on forever. They should close the books and do it all over again, the old-fashioned way, when we had results that were accurate and meaningful. 


 HEADLINE: Amazon Demands One More Thing From Some Vendors: A Piece of Their Company by Dana Mattioli  

  • Certain suppliers are asked to give Amazon the right to buy shares at potentially lower-than-market rates as part of their contract.
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NFL – Has Gone Woke

Newest advertisement – announcing they are QUEER friendly

HEADLINE: NSA Claims No Spying On Tucker Carlson In Broadly-Worded Denial by ZeroHedge
HEADLINE: Gas prices hit 7-year high as stations run low on fuel ahead of July 4 byWill Feuer 

  • There aren’t enough truck drivers to supply these gas stations w/ fuel.
2h27m HEADLINE: House Passes Bill Seeking to Remove Confederate Statues From Capitol by Mimi Nguyen Ly

  • They can’t wipe away history. 
  • The statues mean nothing, removing them doens’t erase history.
  • In the aftermath of the war none of these men were vilified or accused of today.



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Saints Peter and Paul – 

QUESTION: Why is Saint Paul pictured w/ a sword?

ANSWER: The sword of the word of God

HEADLINE: Saint Paul against the Liberals by Brother Thomas Mary Sennott

HEADLINE: My Two Talks at the Crusade Congress: ‘Christendom’s Building Blocks, Catholic Communities’ by Brother Andre Marie

  • They wore the keys to show they had authority over the temple.
  • Lots of proofs in the old testament and Jewish traditions as to what ‘keys’ meant.
  • ‘His key will be on his shoulder’
  • They actually wore massive keys on their shoulders.

HEADLINE: Episode 7The Christian Politics of Spain’s ‘Carlist’ Counterrevolutionaries. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

HEADLINE: “Spanish Carlism: An Introduction” by Prof. Miguel Ayuso

HEADLINE: “Dios, Patria, Fueros, y Rey: The Story Of The Spanish Carlistas” by Eleonore Villarrubia

  • The Church needs to change with the times…
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Written by: LoneRhody

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