Poll: Majority of voters blame mass shootings on mental illness, gang violence Via Just The News: A majority of U.S. voters blame mass shootings not on access to firearms but on mental illness and gang activity, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen. When asked, 45% of voters say mental […]

DOJ Introduces ‘Ghost Gun’ Regulations: Background Checks Required Via Breitbart: The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued new “ghost gun” rules Friday, which include requiring a background check for “kits that contain the parts necessary for someone to readily make a gun at home.” A DOJ press released noted the new regulatory proposals would also “require that manufacturers […]

Ok governor signs legislation making the state a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state Via Just The News: Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on Monday tweeted that his state is now a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state. The Republican official has signed SB 631 into law: “My team is hard at work again, reviewing bills and signing them into law,” a tweet declared. “As of today, […]

Louisiana’s Democrat Governor Pledges Veto of Constitutional Carry Via Breitbart: Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA) pledged Thursday to veto legislation aimed at removing the requirement for law-abiding citizens to get a permit before carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense, the Associated Press (AP) reported Thursday. State Sen. Jay Morris’ (R-Monroe) carry bill passed a Senate committee and will […]

Police: FedEx shooter legally bought guns used in shooting Via AP News: The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis legally bought the two rifles used in the attack despite red flag laws designed to prevent such purchases, police said. A trace of the two guns found by investigators at […]

Democrat Senators Introduce One-Handgun-a-Month Purchase Limit Via Breitbart: Sens. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Mark Warner (D-VA) are pushing federal gun control proposals that mirror restrictions adopted in the state of Virginia in 2020. InsideNova reports the legislation is called the Virginia Plan to Reduce Gun Violence Act. It includes an expansion of background checks and a red […]

Arizona Gov. Signs Bill Barring Enforcement of Federal Gun Controls Via Breitbart: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed legislation Tuesday to bar in-state enforcement of any federal firearm laws which violate the Second Amendment. On March 31, 2021, Breitbart News reported the legislation, HB 2111, titled “2nd Amendment Firearm Freedom Act,” had been passed by the Arizona […]

Majority of voters, prefer to live where gun ownership is legal Via Just The News: A strong majority of U.S. voters in a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen – including nearly half of Democratic voters surveyed – say they would prefer to live in communities where gun ownership is legal. Sixty-three percent of voters said they would prefer to […]

Biden Planning Executive Action to Beef Up Gun Control Measures Via Newsmax: The White House is confirming that President Joe Biden intends to push ahead with plans to increase gun control laws via executive order. The news comes in the wake of two mass shootings earlier this month, in Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado, in which […]

Suspect in Colorado shooting bought gun legally: officials Via Reuters: The 21-year-old suspect in this week’s Colorado mass shooting legally purchased the semi-automatic weapon used in the attack, and he will face additional charges for attempted murder, officials said on Friday. Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty and Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold told a […]

Little evidence universal background checks stop mass shootings Via Just The News: In the wake of the recent deadly mass shooting in Boulder, Colo., gun control supporters have renewed demands for universal gun background checks throughout the United States, despite years of data indicating that nearly all major mass shooting events would be unaffected by […]

9th Circuit Rules Americans Have No Right To Carry Firearms In Public Via Washington Times: A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that there is no right to carry a gun in public. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 7-4 ruling rejected a challenge to Hawaii’s requirement that residents must pass an application […]

Iowa: Bill to Abolish Concealed Permit Requirement on the Move Via Breitbart: A bill to abolish the requirement Iowans get a permit from the state before exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms is moving in the Iowa House. The Des Moines Register reports House Study Bill 254 has already cleared a House Subcommittee and is now […]

Ford Wants Its Cars Back From The NRA Amid Gun-Rights Group’s Bankruptcy Via Just The News: Ford wants a federal bankruptcy court to seize cars leased to the National RifleAssociation amid the gun-rights group’s bankruptcy. The Ford Motor Company asked a federal court Feb. 24, to seize all cars leased to the NRA and cancel […]

Arkansas ‘Stand Your Ground’ Bill Set To Become Law Via ABC7: Arkansas lawmakers passed the controversial ‘stand your ground’ bill 72-23 on the House floor Wednesday. The Republican-led measure, SB24, would allow an armed person to use deadly force if they believe they are in imminent danger. Currently, Arkansas law prohibits a person from using deadly force […]

Biden Pushes Congress To Enact Gun Control Measures On Parkland Anniversary Via Just The News: President Joe Biden is calling for gun control measures on the third anniversary of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which lead to 17 fatalities. “Today, as we mourn with the Parkland community, we mourn for all who […]

Longtime American Gun Manufacturer Colt Sold To Czech Firearms Company Via Just The News: Colt, the longtime American gun manufacturer whose single-action Peacemaker revolver has been dubbed “the gun that won the West,” has been sold to a Czech firearms firm.  The gun group CZG said in a blog post this week that it had “signed a […]

Airlines’ Sudden Ban On Flying With Locked Firearms Strands Passengers Via Just The News: Airlines in the U.S. temporarily banning some passengers from flying with their locked firearms in luggage bays – with little to no advanced notice – is forcing them to cancel trips and spend hundreds of dollars on backup plans, while arguing that their Second Amendment […]

Judge: NY Lawsuit Seeking NRA’s Dissolution Can Go Forward Via AP News: A New York judge on Thursday denied the National Rifle Association’s bid to throw out a state lawsuit that seeks to put the powerful gun advocacy group out of business. Judge Joel Cohen’s ruling will allow New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit […]

National Rifle Association Files For Bankruptcy, Seeking To Escape New York Lawsuit Via Reuters: The National Rifle Association on Friday filed for bankruptcy, a sudden development that could help the gun rights group escape a lawsuit by New York’s attorney general seeking its dissolution. The NRA filed for Chapter 11 protection in federal bankruptcy court […]

Most Major US Airlines Ban Guns In Luggage For DC Flights Via AP News: Airlines and airports say they are stepping up security before next week’s presidential inauguration, with Delta and other major airlines saying they will prohibit passengers flying to the Washington area from putting guns in checked bags. The moves follow the Jan. […]

ATF Vague AR-15 Pistol Standards Could Affect Millions  Via Washington Freebeacon:  New guidance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) could put millions of Americans in legal jeopardy. The ATF published a notice Thursday that could require millions of AR-15 pistols and similar firearms—which are designed with braces that strap on to a […]

Biden’s HHS Frontrunners Say Gun Control Is A Health Issue Via Fox News: President-elect Joe Biden‘s top picks for the Department of Health & Human Services have both declared gun violence a public health issue in the past, much to the ire of gun rights activists and the National Rifle Association.  Vivek Murthy, a former appointee to […]

Rittenhouse Has Preliminary Hearing On Wisconsin Charges Via AP News: A 17-year-old from Illinois accused of killing two men during an August protest in Wisconsin was due in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing in the case. Kyle Rittenhouse, of Antioch, is also charged in the wounding of a third person on Aug. 25 during […]

Town Built On Guns Ponders Future After Remington Plant Sale Via AP News: Workers at the sprawling Remington factory in this upstate New York village took pride in a local gunmaking tradition stretching back to the days of flintlock rifles. Now they’re looking ahead with uncertainty. Jacquie Sweeney and her husband were among almost 600 […]

Walmart Pulls Guns From Sales Floors, Citing Civil Unrest Via Yahoo: Walmart plans to remove guns and ammunition from its sales floors in the US following unrest in Philadelphia this week, a spokeswoman said Thursday. The retail giant will continue to sell the items to consumers who request them, but will pull them from displays. […]

Michigan Judge Sides With Open-Carry Of Firearms At Polling Stations Via Reuters: A Michigan judge sided with gun-rights advocates on Tuesday in allowing the open carrying of firearms at Election Day polling sites, blocking enforcement of an order by state authorities barring such displays of weapons to prevent voter intimidation. State Attorney General Dana Nessel, […]

Donald Trump: I’ll Sign National Reciprocity if It Reaches My Desk Via Breitbart: During an interview with the NRA’s 1st Freedom, President Donald Trump said he would sign national reciprocity legislation for concealed carry if it reaches his desk. The outlet posed the question: Mr. President, each state’s driver’s license is honored across this great nation, […]

NY A.G Files Lawsuit To Dissolve National Rifle Association New York AG Letitia James announced the lawsuit against the National Rifle Association during a press conference on Thursday, citing “fraud and abuse.” “My office filed a lawsuit against the National Rifle Association to dissolve the organization in its entirety,” New York Attorney General Letitia James […]

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