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Winchester, VA – Saint Maximilian was born in Numidia, which is in modern-day Algeria, around 275, the son of Roman army veteran Fabius Victor. He was known to have been a pacifist, and was executed by the sword for refusing to be conscripted into the Roman army. As the son of a veteran, he was obliged to serve in the military. His primary objection to joining the army was the idolatry he felt he would be participating in by wearing the emperor’s image around his neck. According to the records of Maximilian’s trial, when he was pressed to accept the military seal, he said, “”I already have the seal of Christ, my God . . . I will not accept the seal of this world; if you give it to me, I will break it for it is worthless. I cannot wear a piece of lead around my neck after I have received the saving sign of Jesus Christ, my Lord, the son of the living God. You do not know Him; yet He suffered for our salvation: God delivered Him up for our sins. He is the one whom all Christians serve; we follow Him as the Prince of Life and Author of Salvation.” He was martyred at 21, in 296. St. Maximilian, pray for us!

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