Steve Scalise Was Shot By A Sympton Of Our Dying “Democracy”

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Who Will Put It Out of Its Misery And Spare The Rest of Us?

Mandeville, LA – Shortly after Congressman Gabriela Giffords was shot by lunatic Jared Louchsner, the Media Industrial Complex got busy pinning the crime on former Alaska Governor Sara Palin who was changing a grandkid’s diapers in between field dressing a moose. The NY Daily News’ Michael Daly blared the headline: “Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ blood is on Sarah Palin’s hands after putting cross hair over district.”

And just what had Sara Palin done to have Giffords nearly killed? Well, she issued the “call to arms” pictured below which is obviously a knockoff of the map used by the Zodiac Killer to get pumped up his next North Beach fix.

The storyline of Sara – Son of Sam – Palin evaporated shortly after the facts were known about the deranged Jared Louchsner but the die was cast: in our “democracy” no one is responsible for anything they do because, to quote High School Musical 2 “We’re All In This Together”. Our precious “democracy” will not endure a wayward thought even one that lustfully spins yarns about ripping limbs off of and crushing the skulls of in-utero babies. That’s not the ramblings of a deranged child murderer, no that’s the “free speech” of a member of the “pro choice” groupthink a first cousin of the everyone else is “gay” so my kid must be (made to be) too, groupthink. Thus groupthink and forced groupthink when it comes to rejection of what our eyes, Faith and common sense tell us, is becoming so common it is almost organic. Except when it comes to the armies of satan acting upon the all-too-real diabolical instruction they’ve been given. Call them the Democracy Of the Damned or DOD for short.

Enter DOD cadet James Hodgkinson, the maniac who shot my Congressman and friend Steve Scalise today. Steve and I came up together as officers in The Young Republicans of Jefferson Parish in the early 90’s and I still recall his first run for the LA House in the mid-90’s. I’ve seen Steve at Lakeside Mall on Christmas Eve 3 times since he was elected to Congress (a yearly coincidence we laughed about last time I interviewed him). Hodgkinson, it is now known, was a Bernie Sanders Feel The Bern cult member. When his van was searched after the attack a “Trump, Chicken in Chief” placard was among the confiscated items which leaves me to wonder why the NY Daily News’ Michael Daily isn’t pinning the shooting of Scalise on Tyson Chicken?

If Hodgkinson were a Muslim, right about now we’d hear righteous indignation about how he was “radicalized” and “not an example of democrat activists who practice an activism of peace”. This is where the timid tuck their tails and go back to their $250k “lobbying” or “analyst” gigs inside Mordor on The Potomac, soon to appear from the safety of social media bunkers, re-hurling headlines like this from Breitbart: “Second Amendment Foundation: Alexandria Shooting the Result of ‘Democratic Hate Speech”. Ironically, the SAF gentry livers have a point but not red vs blue one they are making. “Hate speech” is reponsible for this and the rest of the groupthink mentioned above, but it is the hatred of the Divine, not the “flag”. Why is anyone shocked that a fan-boy of Bernie Sanders is caqpable of seeing the life of Steve Scalise the way a Muslim sees it: as no life at all but a mere “infidel” whose murder a glorious martyrdom can be earned from?

Last week Sanders interrogatd Russel Vought a nominee for some position at the misnamed OMB over a Facebook post Vought had made defending his alma mater from an accusation of being “Islamaphobic” because Vought reiterated the warning Our Lord gave us on the INvalidity of any religion but His. In his tirade against Vought which was really aimed at Our Lord Sanders agitated. “And do you think your statement that you put in that publication, ‘They do not know God because they rejected Jesus Christ the son, and they stand condemned,’ do you think that’s respectful of other religions?” Vought equivocated and never answered the question, so let me: Yes, they are condemned, but God can do what he will with that condemnation; and we have that on the best of authorities. “Whoever believes in [the Son] is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” – John 3:18 and what is that name? Jesus Christ. So yes, Muslims, who believe Christ to have been a mere mortal man/prophet, by definition, are condemned. Now what does that have to do with organic groupthink and our dying democracy?

Simple: The pro-baby killing, pro LGBTQ apostate Bernie Sanders, has made a life’s work of very loudly and very proudly screaming all these poisons for the purpose OF gaining access to the political power needed to enact them all, in all their mortally sinful, Satanic horror. So have the rest of the DOD, Pelosi, Waters, Obama and of course the Nephilim spawn of Lucifer and Margaret Sanger herself, Hillary. What happened today is only a surprise inasmuchas it hasn’t happened earlier. Beazelbub is not going to be denied his access to soul-corrupting political power so easily and make no mistake, it IS souls he/they crave. This is what our vainglorious “democracy” has produced and is producing more of and no, that’s not a recent occurence it’s at least as old as the 16th century revolt of Henry and Luther.

This Is Woman’s Work – SO what is the antidote to Hodgkinson, Obama, Hillary, Sanders et al’s poisonous groupthink? The voluntary and beautiful groupthink of restoring Our Lady as our mother and protector and she will guide us to her Son for the most historically powerful antidote to Berns and DOD’s ever to take human form. As my friend Dr. Carrie Gress author of: The Marian Option – God’s Solution To A Civilization In Crisis, wrote recently:

after 2000 years, we know what these are: Mass, Eucharistic adoration, the Rosary, confession, Marian consecration. We know these things work. And there is more than enough evidence that Mary has been behind the vanquishing of Christian enemies for centuries. It is time we call upon her again to conquer all that is opposed to her and to her Son. – Carrie Gress

Controlling guns, getting back to constitutions, demanding protections for free speech and building dorms for LGBTQ college segregation are all symptons of a civilization gone wrong and “democracy can’t fix it so why not try Our Lady?



Written by: MikeChurch

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