There Is NOTHING In Anthony Fauci’s Horror Tales That Justify’s JBE”s Slaughter of Louisiana

Written by on 03/31/2020

There Is NOTHING In Anthony Fauci’s Horror Tales That Justify’s JBE”s Slaughter of Louisiana

by Mike Church

John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, in his March 23rd, Executive Order re-ordering the lives of 4.68 million people (see below) cites reliance on the #NIH quack Anthony Fauci  who has been off by a factor of 25 or 40 depending on which incorrect “model” you cite.
In today’s briefing JBE’s Health Director basically said that certain areas are facing “explosions” in CASES; ok, cases aren’t chronic or even acute, they are positive tests. You keep testing more people, you get more positive results indicating that infection, previous acute symptoms, recovery and immunity are now indicated, NOT mortality or Walking Dead zombie apocalypses pouring 12,000 choking COVID-zombies into hospitals. I have previously reported that current mortaliuty rates and flu-like-symptoms admissions into hospitals in New Orleans and other cities like New York, are similar to what we see now in the Covid-19 Armageddon. 
Now comes the EU’s MOMO project that has now completed a study that maps the spread and infection rates for the flu in 2018 and 2019 and compares them to 2020. Their conclusion?

As you can see, currently, the vast majority of Europe shows “no excess”. That means deaths are either at or below expected levels. Italy is the one obvious exception. But note it is only on “high”, not “very high”.

For some context, maybe we should compare it to previous years.

Here is week 6 of 2019:

MOMO Europe mortality, week 6 2019 

As you can see, it’s [2019] generally much worse. Several countries in “above average”, Spain and Portugal on “high”, and France is even “very high”.

We didn’t have a global lockdown in 2019.

Not everyone with a PhD in biology and other science and has experience in the field of immunology agrees with the extreme measures Fauci has convinced Pence and then Trump to encourage the continent to enact. Witness Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD’s letter to President Trump.

I interview MIT’s Dr. Shiva tomorrow at 9:00, here on the CRUSADE Channel, on this very topic and overall immune health and I hope you’ll tune in.


While I applaud Governor Edwards’ and others concerns for the well-being of their citizens, we are witnessing a multi-$ trillion assault on a disease that shows no ability to kill at will and in mass quantities yet it is being treated like it is a Hollywood film, apocalypse event. Why can’t we slow the train headed for the cliff down and take another look at the damage the response has cause and will cause if this madness being fed by Anthony Fauci, isn’t ratcheted down.

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