Polyamorous “Families”? 3 Yr. Old Gender Mutilations? Why Men Must Become Masculine Leaders of The Family Again!

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8m HEADLINE: Buttigieg affirms abortion to little girl who asks about ‘right to choose’ by Calvin Freiburger



Nancy Pelosi 

Impeachment Hearings Continue

How About Them Tigahs! – ABA people = Anyone But Bama

Associated Press Coaches Poll – Wisconsin vs Ohio

Latin Mass Society Conference in Sulphur LA 



 Krampus and Austria – 

Katie Hopkins – Twitter @KTHopkins

HEADLINE: The Austrian Tradition of the Krampus 



Nancy Pelosi Unhinged With “HATE”

HEADLINE: ‘Don’t mess with me’ — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rips reporter who asks if she hates Trump by Kevin Breuninger

President Trump Tweets a response : Nancy Pelosi just had a nervous fit. She hates that we will soon have 182 great new judges and sooo much more. Stock Market and employment records. She says she “prays for the President.” I don’t believe her, not even close. Help the homeless in your district Nancy. USMCA?

  • You cannot cry Catholic when it suits your needs.
44m  Interviews of Mike Church – 

Recap of Latin Mass Conference in Sulphur Louisiana – 

  • Father Richard in Sulphur LA at Our Lady of Prompt Succor – his homily he told us not to despair. We know the end game. Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph.

HEADLINE: Buttigieg affirms abortion to little girl who asks about ‘right to choose’ by Calvin Freiburger

  • This feels like it was scripted to me personally.
  • What parent would put their 7 year old daughter up to something like this?
  • QUESTION: Where is child protection services?
  • Year before last Hogs For The Cause – the flaming homosexual couple w/ the little girl they treated as a Barbie Doll.

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  BACK TO Pete Butigieg 
   Polish Priest – 

  • He celebrated the Mass on Friday afternoon for us.
  • It sounded like Mitter Pole was doing the Mass for us.
1h22m HEADLINE: Nunes blasts Schiff for ‘blatant disregard’ of impeachment rules; blames ‘vendetta’ against Trump by Brooke Singman

Letter from Devin Nunes to Adam Schiff

1h24m HEADLINE: U.K. Lesbian Couple Becomes First to Carry a Baby In Both Their Wombs by Brittany M. Hughes

  • This is absolutely diabolical!
  • This is 100% PRIDE!
  • In the latest installment of People Playing God….
  • “The new procedure is the latest in a series of medical experiments designed to give same-sex and transgender individuals the ability to conceive biological — or at least partly biological — children. Last year, a similar in vitro process was used for a lesbian couple in Texas which allowed both women to carry their baby in their bodies using an incubation device.”

HEADLINE: Polyamorous Florida woman with 4 boyfriends is pregnant by Lauren Steussy

  • This weekends conference – “If I had a button to that I could push to nuke all the heretics, I would.” Anonymous  
  • All manner of perverted pregnancy. 5 Years ago Jeffery Lord said this was going to happen. 
   HEADLINE: Contraceptive use linked to shrinking brain size, researchers find by Paul Smeaton

FROM THE CRUSADER STADIUM: It makes sense, as hormonal contraception is designed to trick your body into thinking you are carrying a child, and induce the biochemical changes (including memory issues and other things referred to as “Pregnancy brain”; but because there is no child, no birth, and no return to normal biochemistry, it wouldn’t be corrected.  Long term, that’s bound to have some effects.

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1h57m  Special Guest Joseph C Doyle – 

  • Democrats came to power in Massachusetts by the apposed birth control!
  • The Republicans were very liberal back then.
  • Tip O’Neill because the 1st Irish Catholic to hold that seat.
  • 62 McCormick was such a loyal Catholic – he broke w/ the Catholic President b/c he wasn’t Catholic enough.
  • Knights of Columbus – 
  • Bishop Fulton Sheen
  • The Saint Benedict Center
  • Cardinal Dolan

HEADLINE: The Fulton Sheen Fiasco by George Neumayr

















 Special Guest GC Dilsaver

Doc Dilsavers website: PSYCHOMORALITICS

  • This weekends conference in Sulphur – the Priests homily on Saturday morning.
  • He said people are just complacent and act as if they don’t really care.
  • The coping mechanism is where the luke-warm are.
  • I’m a good Catholic, I do what I have to do, you know the minimum.
  • The inverted part –
  • Psychomoralitics – remove yourself
  • You don’t have to be Catholic to obtain my services. I will add the faith into your therapy if you are Catholic but I stay away from the Catholic aspect if you are not. 
  • This is therapy for anyone of any faith.
  • Public Perversions – 
  • If you are a barnyard animal, you can be controlled.
  • That is how they control us.
  • You are what your sexual perversions are.
  • Don’t send your children to public school.
  • They are being indoctrinated at earlier ages than ever.
  • These families have to start celebrating their gender. Femininity and Masculinity.
  • #VacuumWars 
  • Young men need mentors – period. 
  • You cannot expect a young man to follow a path of chivalry w/o a mentor or a leader (father) to show him how.
  • Young men NEED this mentorship. 
  • A father must be engaged in battle and the son must see him handle and participate in the battle of evil.
  • These fathers need to tell their young sons, I NEED you to assist me in this battle, this fight.
  • Celebrating God Given Gender by G.C. Dilsaver
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  CrossTalk with Richard Barrett host of The Barrett Brief 
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