Si Qua Virtus – Episode 45: Andrew Gieralt & “Heir Obscure”

Written by on 06/15/2022

Si Qua Virtus – Episode 45: Andrew Gieralt & “Heir Obscure”

For episode 45 of Si Qua Virtus – Creativity and the New Christendom, host Christopher Laurence is very excited to welcome Andrew Gieralt, game designer and programmer and creator of the upcoming game “Heir Obscure”. Christopher and Andrew discuss his new game, how it has changed over the course of development, its Catholic themes, and more.


[Opening and closing music for each episode of Si Qua Virtus provided by Josef Saunders/Mödest. His albums can be heard HERE.]

Find more information on Andrew’s game by clicking HERE.

Wishlist the game on Steam and try the demo by clicking HERE.

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