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Student Debt Is Only a By-Product of Parents Insisting on A Materialistic Destiny – The Mike Church Show

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    Student Debt Is Only a By-Product of Parents Insisting on A Materialistic Destiny – The Mike Church Show candacechurch

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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2m HEADLINE: Do Real Men Wear Scrunchies? by Jacob Gallagher
7m April 21st we will not be here but this is a date that will live in infamy.

27 year anniversary of this creature known as The Mike Church Show!

  • So for 27 years or some assemblage of ME and a producer, have been coming in here sitting in this chair and doing this show.
  • Where it not for letters like the one I got from Sandi and her husband the other day, I would have jumped off the cliff.
















VIDEO/AUDIO: Maxine Waters Questions Bankers on Student Loans

Oops! Maxine Waters – Head of Banking Committee – Asks Bankers About Student Loans, Has NO IDEA Government Took Over Program in 2010 by Jim Hoft

  • Many kids just go to college b/c their parents push it on them. Most of them could careless about a University education.
  • College is NOT for everyone!
  • #MarxineWaters
  • Library of Congress
  • AUDIO from the video   we stopped doing all student lending in 2010 when the government took it over.

HEADLINE: Student Loan Debt Statistics In 2019: A $1.5 Trillion Crisis by Zack Friedman 

  • Every year you get a MILLION defaults!
  • Highest State per student debt = California
  • Lowest State per student debt = Utah
  • The Mormon community use their endowments wisely according to this chart by Forbes.
  • KIA pre-certified Sorento – what college graduate with this kind of debt can afford a $500/month car note?
  • We are setting them up for failure from the get go.
  • How can they afford children with this type of debt looming over their heads?
  • LSU has a lazy river in the shape of the letters. Do the students REALLY need that? The students are REALLY paying for it.
  • QUESTION: How do we get out of this crisis?
  • PRIDE – is the reason we will not fix this. 
40m HEADLINE: Why Are Trads So Mean To Each Other? by Father David Nix

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46m AUDIO/VIDEO: Pet Shop Boys song – Social Media
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51m HEADLINE: A Stable New Dystopia by Rod Dreher 






















Special Guest Brother Andre Marie from the St. Benedict Center and host of ReConquest

Follow Brother Andre here: @Brother_Andre 

  • We go snow yesterday and today but it has mostly melted.
  • Passion-tide Week – 
  • Outside of the True Church, you are literally in a profane place.
  • To be profane is to be the opposite of sacred!
  • The baptismal rites, you are admitted in degrees.
  • Dividing line of where the baptized are and the clergy.
  • Going into the Church you are in a holy place but there is a holier place.
  • Lent is a holy time to fast not primarily thinking about the passion.
  • The primary burden or focus of Lent is PENANCE! 
  • We are now in Passiontide a holier place in the time of Lent.
  • Now we are conforming ourself to Christ.
  • Holy Week – now we aren’t just holy we are in the HOLIEST – HOLY WEEK.
  • Notice too in Holy Week the entire annual cycle of the Church…
  • Why Matter Matters episode.
  • The highest form is the Solemn Mass
  • The Priest puts the chalice on the altar b/c it is assumed that no one is holy enough to handle the chalice.
  • Referring to Rod Dreher’s piece A Stable New Dystopia
  • Horribly untenable situation, we cannot say it isn’t stable b/c it actually is.
  • I would not call it stable at all. I would call it habitual error but it is definitely NOT stable.
  • Islamic societies that tear down civilization.
  • Contrast Monks that took swamps and deserts and turned them into fruitful lands.
  • For instance – Communist Russia, it didn’t work it was an economic disaster. They robbed food from the Ukraine. The created the so-called famine. This wasn’t naturally caused. It was caused by Stalin.
  • That is the way all these societies are and they eventually collapse under their own weight.
  • We are coasting on the fumes now and will eventually crash upon its own weight.
  • There is no distinction, the first name first then Cardinal before the surname.
  • We find our freedom in truth! 
  • QUESTION: What is Truth? 
  • ANSWER: The conformity of the mind to reality.
  • Truth is a paradox. Reality means something is bound which means it is not free.
  • All manner of things that come out of creation.
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1h42m   Black Holes –

A-Aron put a trailer in the Mike Church Chatroom AUDIO/VIDEO: The Sun Is Also A Star 






HEADLINE: Evidence of New Human Species Found in Philippines by Robert Lee Hotz

  • “Small-jawed with dainty teeth, able to walk upright but with feet still shaped to climb, these island creatures were a mix-and-match patchwork of primitive and advanced features in a unique variation of the human form, the scientists reported Wednesday in the journal Nature.”
  • “The creature’s teeth, toes and finger bones appear to mix aspects of the other human species in existence elsewhere at the time, including Homo sapiens, Denisovans, Neanderthals, Homo naledi and Homo floresiensis, nicknamed the hobbit species for its small stature and big feet.’
  • They floated into a cave…from the flood of Noah.










Back to HEADLINE: Why Are Trads So Mean To Each Other? by Father David Nix

  • Don’t call yourself a TradCath is the first thing.
  • God will take care of it. We will let Him sort things out.
  • “We debate each other with hateful spite on who is the true reigning Pope. The women even debate each other on how long dresses need to be, all the while maintaining satanic hatred under their breath while using pious feminine modest language.  Just this past week a rad-trad called me in a private email: “compromised Bergoglian clergy.” Just this past week, a famous non-rad trad but conservative neo-con leader of the Catholic world (who is usually hailed as being on his way to “canonization” at his own enormous conferences) sent me a private message on Facebook:  “You, You need to shut the hell up on social media.”
  • Gates don’t move. 
  • QUESTION: So what does a gate do?
  • QUESTION: How can a gate prevail?
  • #ShootingInsideTheTent
  • #UnitingTheClans
  • If you are with me to storm the gate, great! Let’s go and do it!
  • If you aren’t, no worries I will pray for you.

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