Testimonial: The Matrix Cable Is Unplugged In The Deep South

Written by on 08/05/2016

Mandeville, LA – A testimonial from CRUSADER level, Founder’s Pass members Jeff and Brenda K.

“Mike Thank You, I Truly believe you and your team are doing Gods Will and I pray for You All. You have personally help me with something I use to give no though of but in recent years and the things Pope Francis has been drawing light upon started to weigh heavy on myself and wife. We both had been married previously, myself a cradle Catholic whom did not stay with the church when I was in the navy and erred badly and my wife who converted a couple years ago(yes and neither of use were every questioned on our marriage status…). When I noticed in the mid 2000’s things were not right in the world and started to take my faith much stronger and started to learn the whys as to what we believe and embracing them. Then the struggle started in my mind with our marriage not being in the church and our previous marriages not being nullified I was not sure and was not looking forward to the prospect of making this right. Then a while back you spoke about your work on this in your life and I knew right then what course we were to take and we are now living as brother and sister while getting our marriages nullified so to be properly married in our church. Thank You! and God Bless.

I am trying as much as possible to turn people to you but I too run into several road bumps too. One I’m in the deep south and being a boisterous Catholic is interesting, but it helps because I have been getting better at Apologetics to the point I now get a fair amount of questions as to why do you believe this or what do you think about this… secondly the Catholics here are for the most part not heavily immersed in Church history or why we believe what we believe(apologetics) so much so that often they think in error and man they don’t like the Truth. Lastly just as you and Mark say so often that matrix cable is on tightly and acknowledging things are so bad means that they have to do something to correct it and no one wants to do anything that risks changing their status in life, thus they willfully keep that cable attached… We are in deep Darkness. Never-The-Less I Truly believe you are laying the Correct and True Path back to God, keep up the Great Work as much as you can.

Side note, I use to listen to Glenn a bunch and do believe he gave out a good among of good information, however I also knew there were two big problems with him, number one was his statements of checking on his info and asking questions, yet the birther question was considered unacceptable. That was an issue for the questions should have been asked and answered properly… Then there was the unity message in God when there can be Only one Truth yet he continues to send the message all can be Right in their own minds(faiths). This was the biggest problem and why You are spot on with your message. Below is a quote I have been using on facebook and other blog stuff and boy it can get some fun responses… But you know your over target when the flak comes out.

“Know this:
Return to God, a Moral people and Christendom! Anything Else if for Not! When you see the reunification of Christians into the One True Faith the Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church the End to the Darkness will be Assured… Until then PRAY for All the Lost Souls!”

God Bless

Jeff & Brenda K.

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