The Mike Church Show-How Luddite, Reactionary Lovers of The Inquisition Will Save ‘Muricah With Michael Warren Davis

Written by on 12/07/2021

The Mike Church Show-How Luddite, Reactionary Lovers of The Inquisition Will Save ‘Muricah With Michael Warren Davis

SPECIAL GUEST – Michael Warren Davis

Author for American Conservative and Reactionary Minds

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  • We only have one lifetime, as far as the left is concerned, to realize we are spending it as work slaves.
  • Graduating students 21-24 years old, you have a soulmate, someone is out there and perfect for you…that is crap and it isn’t true. If you believe this you will spend your life being unhappy. WHY? Because NO ONE is perfect and neither are you.
  • There is no relationship that doesn’t require sacrifice and hard work.
  • You want to find someone that will get you to heaven.
  • THAT’s the only perquisite. 
  • Reactionary Mind – 
  • The Road to Serfdom – enslavement to government 
  • Michael Warren Davis – I am a distributist, we oppose big everything. 
  • We are already in a state of slavery, we live in a state of defect of slavery with big corporations. 
  • QUESTION: What is a true reactionary?
  • ANSWER: An ideal so central to its identity we cannot perceive it. It forms the way we think w/o even perceiving it. We have an ingrained way of processing things. The forward trajectory is also the upward trajectory. 
  • If we want more quiet, peaceful and quiet we need this to be more apart of our society. 
  • Not fear, despair and hatered. 
  • We don’t have to throw out the good progress to go BACK to living closer to the Earth and Jesus. 
  • We don’t have to remove penicillin if we want to live on a farm.
  • We don’t have to have every birth be home birth to live a traditional Catholic life.
  • We want to get back to that life w/o the price of losing the lifesaving medicine etc.
  • The modern world conspires to make us unhappy.
  • Modern life is NOT what we are supposed to aspire to.
  • Father Vincent McNabb, O.P. – severe intellectual Dominican, slept on a board on the ground, incredibly kind and holy man. 
  • Father Vincent McNabb book – Nazareth or Social Chaos 
  • Eamon Duffy 
  • Social Media and the true Reactionary – we complain on Twitter about Twitter censoring us.
  • Why do we do this?
  • Wouldn’t the solution just to be that we GET OFF TWITTER????
  • We as conservatives should get off social media.
  • It isn’t the ‘new public square’.
  • #FreeFarmFriday


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