The National Bolshevik Association (NBA) Values $$$, Ugly Tatoos & Chicoms

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EPISODE 884 – The National Bolshevik Association (NBA) Values $$$, Ugly Tatoos & Chicoms

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  • The NBA is taking China by storm.
  • They had issues w/ people in the states not being LGBTQ friendly but they are perfectly fine w/ China who suppresses its people. (Go Figure)











HEADLINE: Hawks Melt Down Over Syria Pull-Out by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • The Turks call some “other” entity a ‘terrorist’ organization.

HEADLINE: Donald Trump is Blowing It by Robert W. Merry

  • We think we can just go into 3rd world countries and distribute THEIR natural resources. 
  • This is why we go to war with other countries. 
  • This is why we police the world. 
  • QUESTION: How would you know the Turks are moving into Norther Syria? This is obviously NOT a sneak attack.
  • Would there be a phone call about this?
  • AUDIO: The European Union Economy – Clarke and Dawe – European Debt Crisis 
  • NATO won’t take their own prisoners. 
  • They want the US to house them.
  • So we as Americans expect ‘peace’ in our country. We don’t expect to be bombed while attending a wedding. People in other countries don’t have that luxury. Why? Because WE bomb them w/o warning.

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HEADLINE: NBA To China: ‘How Now Kowtow?’ by Rod Dreher

  • Pro-sports are just an abomination now.
  • They have lost all their flare for the fans. 
  • They have gotten all ‘woke’ and stuff.
  • They have gone political and social justice warrior on it’s fans.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson and J.D. Vance denouncing the Woke Capitalists of the NBA
  • BACK to Dreher – China has been a dictatorship for seventy years. The idea that prosperity and the internet would in themselves make the country turn towards democracy has been proved wrong. Instead, China is about to become something new: an AI-powered techno-totalitarian state……
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1h52m NFL AND NBA (Professional Sports in America)

  • Professional sports are on their way out.
  • These salaries are simply not sustainable.
  • Stop buying into all of this folks. 
  LIVE NEWS BREAKING – Adam Schiff at Capitol Hill

  • Last Friday w/ Greg Carpenter aka Junkbond we discussed this impeachment and whistleblower sham.
  • When the US transfers millions in the form of military aid, it is the Executives job to ensure they are using the funds correctly. 



















Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of Lepanto Institute 

Follow Michael Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn @LepantoInst

  • When one part of the body is in pain, the entire body feels it.
  • FRIDAY in the Vatican Gardens – 
  • Two kneeling women facing each other on what appears to be a “moveable altar”. 
  • Our Lady is ALWAYS clothed w/ grace.
  • The ONLY image of Our Lady that isn’t fully clothed is an image of Mother Mary breastfeeding.

HEADLINE: Golden Calf 2.0: Idolatrous Earth Goddess Worship Ceremony in Vatican Gardens by Novus Ordo Watch

  • So we have people saying Pope Francis was ‘blindsided’ by this Fertility Ceremony.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Xicão Xukuru 
  • His name in English was Francis of Assisi …..
  • In 1988 through his efforts, his people founded the “Rock Ceremony” 
  • “Life to new warriors…My Mother Nature”
  • This was all a prayer to Mother Nature. 
  • He is a heretic.
  • He has acquitted Pagan rituals with Catholic practices. 
  • #PanShamazonianSynod
  • Vatican News on Twitter just now: #8October #AmazonSynod @HolySeePress Moema Maria M. de Miranda @redamazonia @iglesiayminiera The environmental crisis must bring all knowledge to bear on the problem. We must establish a dialogue together. The Church builds bridges, starting with mother earth.

HEADLINE: Pope at Mass: ideology should not replace faith by Robin Gomes  

  • These men in the Vatican are getting old and have decided NOW is the time to see their dreams come true.
  • This is the endgame for them.
  Cross Talk with Richard Barrett – host of The Barrett Brief 
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Robert Simpson who is having pancreatic surgery today to remove remaining cancer. 

Melissa Trailor who is hospitalized due to liver failure.

Lonnie, the Father-in-Law of a listener, who had a mild stroke yesterday.

Noe Medina (Debra Medina’s husband) just had open heart bypass surgery.

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