The Truth About Francis, The Hammer & Sickle Pope – George Neumayr Interview

Written by on 09/05/2019

The Truth About Francis

 Special Guest George Neumayr writer for the American Spectator and Catholic Family News

Buenos Aires – basically Catholic in name only

QUESTION: Why has Pope Francis not visited his home country during his tenure as Pope?

ANSWER:  the people in Argentina basically said we just don’t like him. We know his dismals record in Argentina and we didn’t want him in this position in the first place.

  • The stations of the cross has even been changed in this church. 
  • The Pope had a Communist mentor that taught him science. 
  • He allowed this NON-Catholic Communist mentor to be buried in the Catholic Churches cemetery which goes against the Canon Law.

HEADLINE: Where Bergoglio Buried His Communist Mentor by George Neumayr   

  • QUESTION: Where do you see with your knowledge of having covered the Pope, has he done some permanent infiltration into the Cardinal?
  • ANSWER: YES – he would have selected several for the next conclave. 
  • I’ve been told when Pope Benedict dies, Pope Francis will retire within 5 months. 
  • He wants to hand the chair off to HIS favorite who is a very liberal Cardinal currently.
  • We have to play the long game here. Like the 100 year long game.
  • We have to be the ones preparing this way.
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HEADLINE: Theodore McCarrick, Despicable to the End by George Neumayr

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