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Mandeville, LA – Why is Hillary Clinton still bellyaching about how Trump and Putin conspired to deprive the smartest, most success oriented spawn of Satan and Margaret Sanger, ever. Mike reminds the audience “no one thought Trump could win, even on the day of the election….save for your kind, humble host. How did I know? Our Lady told me to stay the course, ‘I have this’. Thus Hillary was defeated by the faithful praying then voting, of COURSE she didn’t see it coming. she was seeing what pride-filled Baguul saw! We also welcome Matthew James Wilson and the CRUSADE Channel hears some rare poetry. Michael Hichborn finishes the final hour with a hilarious, classic “trad-cath” conversation with Mike, topics below; share this one with friends, you’ll get commentary & lose Facebook followers (like Mike does everyday)!


Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines


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Special Guest today:

James Matthew WilsonAssociate Professor of Religion and Literature in the Department of Humanities and Augustinian Traditions at Villanova University

Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute




Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

  • New Guidelines have been issued by the Trump Administration.
  • The average #MAGA listener doesn’t care about debt, about resource confiscation, all they care about is the power of the military.
  • According to the LibTards Obama made America Great Again. It just wasn’t the America #MAGA people wanted.
  • How has Obamacare survived still to this day?



HEADLINE: Girls trip! Hillary Clinton takes private jet for sight seeing tour and stay with maharaja friend in India – after claiming Trump won because his voters ‘don’t like black people’ and ‘told their wives not to vote for her’

  • Look, she lost. Why is she still out there complaining about it?


 MOVIE: Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie starring Jim Caviezel


Novena For America:

  • Prevent from gaining public office those that promote or gain from abortion.



2018 Hogs For The Cause efforts are underway.

This happens every year usually the last weekend in March. It has been moved from City Pork (Park) to the UNO Lakefront Arena

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AUDIO: Reporter from Al Jazeera

  • How many civilians were killed in Fallujah?
  • The commander had no idea how many civilians they killed.
  • We got out of the “body counting” business a long time ago.
  • Collateral Damage
  • “Clean War”

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  • If you all had some Philosophia Perennis, you would know this.
  • Climate Change is an accident of that proof.


Back to Headline:

  • This is why it makes people so angry when we see the Pope or Bishops yucking it up with Imams and such.
  • No nation in Europe survived a Muslim invasion without the Faith. (during the age of Faith)



HEADLINE: The Return Of ‘Queer Eye’ Could Be A Win For The Right Kind Of Tolerance by D.C. McAllister

  • A TV show that revells in men acting like women, what could possibly be gained from this?
  • Have it your way religion.
  • People aren’t ready to have a dialogue yet on “My husband”






Special Guest: James Matthew Wilson

  • If you need to figure out human nature, then you aren’t talking about human nature.

Stations of the Cross

AUDIO: James reads for audience – Jesus Falls the 1st Time

The Stations of the Cross by James Matthew Wilson, artwork by Daniel Mitsui

  • I had never recited a poem publicly, I typically only write them.
  • Working on the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mike)

Back to the Stations of the Cross

  • The Vision of the Soul by James Matthew Wilson
  • Poems and Poetry – STAR has published several of my poems and published a review of my last book
  • What makes good poetry?
  • The Fortunes of Poetry in an Age of Unmaking by James Matthew Wilson
  • Memory, metaphor and making
  • Poetry comes for our memory, the 9 muses have a mother. Memory is the mother of art.
  • Poetry does 2 things
  • A metaphor for the soul
  • Memory and metaphor have always been one in poetry with meter. When we give measure or number to our poetry, we are refining our nature.
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HEADLINE: When will we stop killing humans with down syndrome? by Marc A. Thisssen






Special Guest: Michael Hichborn

  • CRS – I just didn’t do the announcement for the second collection
  • Lepanto Institute – has several articles on CRS and how they receive most of their money from the Federal Government
  • Windows of Hope – they have puppets that instruct children on condoms to prevent AIDS
  • The entire program is inspired by Planned Parenthood. It encourages masturbation for kids!
  • This is being taught to 8 year old African kids. We don’t want to teach American 8year olds about this so why is it okay to do this in Africa?
  • I have been in communication with CRS and they are telling me they are looking to partner with other groups and to stop taking Federal money. There is a hope…

HEADLINE: Vatican Hires High-Powered Law Firm to Take Down Independent Catholic Website by Michael Hichborn

  • Baker and McKenzie 2nd largest law firm in the WORLD
  • There are TONS of people that use the crossed keys for their logos.
  • This company is renowned for protecting LGBTQ agendas
  • London Office Guidelines for Baker and McKenzie
  • When did we start living in a Dan Brown novel?
  • Stone Wall as it fought against a Jewish community – the right of a transgender woman rights to see her/his children who were still part of that Jewish community

NEWS Interrupt: 

Trump on Tillerson Firing: We’re Getting Very Close to Having the Cabinet I Want

NEWS Interrupt:

Rex Tillerson found out he was fired as secretary of State from President Donald Trump’s tweet

Lepanto Newsletter –

Model of the ship

BOOK Title – The Incredible Catholic Mass by Fr. Martin Von Cochem 1704 this book was written 22 things that have to be present during a Mass

HEADLINE: How to improve your experience of the Mass

  • You have Priest now that say we have to be more relevant to the youth etc and try to change the Mass.
  • Attending a Latin Mass, you should know how to follow any Catholic Mass in any country in any religion. It is THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH.
  • Michael Hichborn story of his son wanting to serve in a Latin Mass
  • Why don’t you want to attend the Mass that SAINTS attended?!
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Written by: candacechurch

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