Ukraine: What Did Obama & Biden Know & When Did They Know It? – The Mike Church Show

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    Ukraine: What Did Obama & Biden Know & When Did They Know It? – The Mike Church Show Corey Clark

UkraineGate: Trump Did What Constitution Said He Should!

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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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What happened – Obamacare was passed on April 23rd 2010

  • Patrick Henry’s famous speech April 23, 1774
  • When were the elections held? November 
  • So they had 6-7 months to campaign.
  • The 2nd biggest Republican majority happened after this if you guys remember.
  • The Democrats are just going to roll with this until the end because they have no election plan.
  • There isn’t one single Democrat running that can beat Trump.
  • 2010 is replaying itself!
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Democrats on Impeachment – Then and Now

HEADLINE: Democrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump by Joel B. Pollak

  • “Biden boasted in 2018 that he had forced Ukraine to remove its prosecutor by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid; he did not tell his audience at the Council on Foreign Relations that the prosecutor was looking into a firm on whose board his son, Hunter Biden, was serving.”
30m Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord

  • Mark Levin was tooting the horn for President Obama back then. This is what started the feud.

HEADLINE: What Is Joe Biden Hiding? by Jeffrey Lord

  • He may be wrong on foreign policy but he is a good reporter.
  • “the then-Vice President Biden donated his Senate papers — he served from his election as senator from Delaware in 1972 until his election as vice president in 2008, a total of 36 years — to his alma mater, the University of Delaware.”
  • So this guy has been in office since 1972!
  • You think maybe it’s time for him to retire?
  • Honest and not corrupt politicians – the transcripts are out folks and they still aren’t satisfied.
  • Why isn’t Joe Biden running out there with the transcript of what he did way back then if he is so happy and proud about his dealings with Ukraine.

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1h6m Rod Dreher is a Crusade Channel Listener!

QUESTION: How do we know you ask? 

ANSWER: He uses the phrases “Orange Man Bad” and “Trump Derangement Syndrome” both phrases we used YESTERDAY on the show.

HEADLINE: ‘Vote For The Crook. It’s Important’ by Rod Dreher

  • If a young man isn’t formed properly they will become a Joe Biden or a Rod Dreher. 
  • You have to hav the philosophy to be able to make your assertions. 
  • If Obama and Biden did ______?
  • 13 years on XM radio b/c I was a sheep right? Yeah, I was fired for sticking to my principles. 
  AUDIO: President Donald Trump discussing yesterday’s events
   LIVE Crusade Channel NEWS with Corey Clark – whistleblower 
  • So basically all they have is hearsay.
  • You cannot use what you just heard from Corey Clark in a courthouse.
  • They are basically just striking out all over the place here.
  • There is nothing to see here folks.
  • FROM THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW CHATROOM: There are exceptions when hearsay is admissible, but it does not seem that any of them are present here.
  • AND the whistleblower still remains anonymous. 
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   HEADLINE: Attorney For Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower’ Worked For Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer by Tristan Justice

  • She isn’t anonymous any longer, her name is Sue Gordon.
  • Her attorney is Andrew P. Bakaj, former C.I.A and Pentagon official.
  • $222 Trillion in unfunded liabilities



HEADLINE: 3 Sickening Truths About Aborted Fetus Trafficking We Learned From The Daleiden Hearings by Madeline Osburn

  • Instead of punishing Planned Parenthood for the fact they are trading baby parts, they go after the man that exposed them b/c of the method he used. 
  • Anti-VAXXers
  • The Flu Shot – 
  • Here are the 3 Sickening Truths About Abortion
  • Beating Fetal Hearts Used In Research Are Harvested From Living Babies
  • StemExpress Admitted to Selling Whole Fetuses and Attached Baby Heads
  • Abortionist Said Planned Parenthood Has Grossly Deficient Ethical and Medical Standards
  • Our Lady of Fatima – The Miracle of the Sun
   BREAKING NEWS – Acting NDI testifies on Whistleblower Complaint

Adam Schiff Democrat from California – US Representatives 

  VIDEO Montage: Democrats Montage  
2h25m BACK to HEADLINE: 3 Sickening Truths About Abortion

  • Dr. Forrest Smith – one of the longest-practicing abortionist.
  • He has performed anywhere from 30,000 – 50,000 throughout his 50 year career.
  • HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW MANY abortions you have performed?
  • I thought this procedure was super regulated?
  HEADLINE: What Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Get About Norman F****** Rockwell by Jason Morgan 
  Cross Talk with Richard Barrett – host of The Barrett Brief 
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Written by: Corey Clark

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