Wednesday-We’re Now Living With The Dangerous Effects of Corona Propaganda & Fake Science

Written by on 04/22/2020

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  Topic Rundown –
  HEADLINE: Oregon Lockdown Ads: Leaving Home Might Make You A Murderer by Georgi Boorman

AUDIO/VIDEO: Don’t Accidentally Kill Someone 

17m HEADLINE: Protest starts after Idaho woman arrested for trespassing on closed playground

  • A women was arrested yesterday in Meridian Idaho b/c she was in a playground under a quarantine order.
31m  Judicial Watch


  • The Governor cannot make a law then turn around and sign the law into order. That is what a tyrant does.

The President needs to tell the Governors “To Stop The Oppression”.

  • Governors cannot do this to it’s people indefinitely.


 World Health Organization – 

HEADLINE: Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic by Michael Fumento

  • We know that H1N1 Swine Flu did kill thousands of people.
  • It killed people relative to a seasonal average flu.
  • The point we want to make here w/ this older article, the Swine Flu is still in the lead for deaths over the coronavirus.
  • People then clambered the Swine Flu was a hoax!
  • #SocialJustice
  • All the WHO has done, says PACE’s Wodart, is to destroy “much of the credibility that they should have, which is invaluable to us if there’s a future scare that might turn out to be a killer on a large scale.”
53m AUDIO: Senator Rand Paul on Senate Floor discussing the second bailout.

  • QUESTION: What is senator Paul’s civilian title? 
  • ANSWER: DOCTOR Rand Paul
  • 25-50 times LESS deadly than we originally thought!
  • We now have solid scientific evidence we don’t need this draconian lockdown.
  • You are asking people to self-quarantine forever.
  • This is unprecedented and simply won’t work in a human society.
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    AUDIO: Meridian Idaho – woman arrested after violating city order for closed parks during COVID lockdown.

  • This is all part of the propaganda mentality.
  • For $1000 on Double Jeopardy tell me the two word combo used in describing interaction b/w humans. ANSWER: Social Distancing 
   HEADLINE: CDC Says Poisonings From Cleaners & Disinfectants On Sharp Rise Since Pandemic Hit US by Zerohedge
   Caller Mark from Georgia – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hot Mic John Roberts from Fox News on COVID

HEADLINE: Preliminary results of USC-LA County COVID-19 study released 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr. John Ioannidis Announces Results of COVID-19 Serology Study 

1h46m Caller Nathan from Virginia – 

Body Language Ghost 

  • Indication of him trying to emphasize on that one word he is trying to get out to the public.
  • It is John Roberts that makes the statement here not Trump.
  • John Roberts quit CNN a few years ago and then became a reporter for Fox News.
  • When Trump became President he became the correspondent for the White House.
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   HEADLINE: New data shows first U.S. coronavirus death earlier than thought by Rebecca Falconer
















 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest Radio only on The Crusade Channel

Follow Brother Andre on Twitter here: @Brother_Andre

  • My effort was writing this piece.
  • I have a very limited reach but I still felt compelled to write this.

HEADLINE: Slaying the Dragons of Scientism by Brother Andre Marie

HEADLINE: Can A Priest Cancel Public Masses, and Say a Private Mass Instead? by Cathy Caridi

  • You couldn’t say Mass w/o a server so there were no ‘private’ Masses per-say.
  • “Say the BLACK, do the RED”
  • By it’s very nature every Mass is a PUBLIC Act.
  • Darwinism and Fake Science
  • The burden of the argument is we need to have sound metaphysics. 
  • We must meditate on the principle of sufficient reason – 
3h18m  Special Guest Iben Thranholm

Follow Iben on Twitter here: @IThranholm

Iben Thranholm Internation on FB

Iben Thranholm YouTube Channel

  • At least for Denmark we have no ‘critical’ press b/c no one seems to dare to do so.
  • We just don’t have critical journalism here.
  • DDR – Eastern Germany 
  • This was an example of how NOT to live but now we are embracing it.
  • Deutsche Demokratische Republik = DDR
  • People are just getting really sick of this lockdown.
  • This is an anti-Christian culture they are introducing here.
  • Love, Freedom and Unity are the things that aren’t permitted anymore.
  • We see a Catholic Church that is silent. 
  • This is the result of a silent Catholic Church.
  • Evil can only rule when the Good, Catholic Church is silent.
  • We must pray and fast but we also must take action too!
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