Wisdom Wednesday – Chick BetrayA-La And The Problem With Osteen Christianity

Written by on 11/20/2019

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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

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The origin of the St Andrew Chaplet – Feast of St. Andrew is November 30th

Comes from Greek Andros which means Man as in MALE and Andrew the Greek name means MANLY.

  • The strong man that moves the liturgical year. = St. Andrew 
  • The Latin Mass Society of Lake Charles December 6-8th
  • It is in the CDF = congregation of the doctorate of the faith
  • Tomorrow is the Feast of The Presentation of Our Lady!
  • QUESTION: What is this Feast all about? 
  • ANSWER: Presentation of MARY in the temple. 
  • Part of the worship of the old testament was you had these men and women in the temple singing the praises of God.
  • They spent their time devoutly praying and studying scripture.
  • These are your proto-monks and proto-nuns.
  • November 21st – became a feast of religious life
  • There is a great religious founder French Religious Founder – Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon

HEADLINE: Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon: “A Noble and Frank Intolerance” by Brother Andre Marie 

HEADLINE: Thy Kingdom Come — Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon by Gary Potter

  • He was the epitome of charity.
  • Augustianans of the Assumption – The Assumptionists
  • Today is a Trinitarians Feast Day – HEADLINE: Saint Felix of Valois (1212) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Trinitarians – 

Chick-Fil-A and the LGBTQ+ Situation

  • If you are a successful business man, you want to have popularity. 
  • This just seems he bent the knee b/c he wanted respectability with these homosexual groups. 
  • Wheatgerm – they take it out, that is the most healthy part!
  • This is one of the reasons Big Is Usually BAD.
  • The Industrializing of food – 

Back to Chick-Fil-A –

  • Let me say something that is unpopular about the Chick-Fil-A religion, this is not going to end here. They simply didn’t want to be called “anti-gay” anymore. Now they have capitulated, they can only continue to keep capitulating. 
  • The Catholic Church has everything we need, Protestantism doesn’t.
  • Heterosexual version of sodomy = pornography, contraception and self-gratification 
  • Sterile sex is sterile sex, PERIOD.
  • The other thing that needs to be brought out about this – Evangelical Christianity – he can do things that are proper to the one domain and improper to the other.
  • A Citizen of this world and the next – 
  • Martin Luther was a sexual deviant – he couldn’t control himself he married an ex-nun. His whole religious work was to justify his tortured conscious. 
  • Sin boldly but believe more boldly. – This is what Luther said to a man so he could live in OPEN BIGAMY.
  • AUDIO from Sermon Sunday – sermon on Saint John Fishers response to Martin Luther
  • www.keepthefaith.org search for MICHAEL DAVIS
  • Cultural Marxism is a reality and has been since long before..since the 30’s! 
  • We get bombarded w/ it through professional associations.
  • #MiserificVision  C.S. Lewis
  • That ignorance is not a significant enough barrier. 
  • Once the LGBTQ agenda has swept the nation, they will pic something new.
  • Tonight’s Episode of ReConquest 204 Genesis According to the Saints
  • It infiltrated Hollywood way back then.

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