Wisdom Wednesday: Annunciation – God Had Th Earth Destroying Asteroids Cued Up, But Our Lady Said “Yes”!

Written by on 03/25/2020

 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

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  • Using technology to get the Masses to you via the internet. 
  • Drive thru confessions – becoming more and more relevant. 
  • Feast of the Annunciation – The Greatest Day in the History of the World

HEADLINE: The Annunciation by Father Leonard Feeney, M.I.C.M. 

  • This is the Trinity at work.
  • You get all 3 persons of the Holy Trinity here.
  • The Father The Son and The Holy Ghost – all 3 mentioned here.
  • Saint Luke names the angel – 
  • Gabriel – Angel strength of God
  • -el ending means GOD
  • The power of the most high will shatter you.
  • Mary sees this MALE individual in her private chambers and is hesitant and even tests him.
  • She says “how can this be for I know not man”
  • CRUSADER STADIUM: “I assume that the Angel gave Our Lady a full preview of what she and Our Lord would suffer if she said yes so there would be full disclosure. She then knew exactly what she was getting into. Would that be a correct assessment?”
  • ANSWER: In part – the Angel didn’t give FULL disclosure, they aren’t loquacious. 
  • Psalm 21 – 
  • QUESTION: Why is David so important in the Annunciation and Marianology?
  • ANSWER: Because the royal line from the house of Judah.
  • David – it was prophesied his line would not fail and it was perfectly fulfilled. 
  • Jesus is a descendant of David.
  • Tonight’s Episode is 222 – Questions Concerning Church and State

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