CRUSADE Exclusive: Why John Roberts & Fr. Ripperger Are Right About Separation of Church & State!

Written by on 06/02/2020

Justice Roberts – 

California Governor Newsom and Church

South Bay United Pentecostal Church v. Newsom

HEADLINE: Roberts Upholds COVID-19 Restrictions on Churches, Scolds Kavanaugh by Mark Joseph Stern

  • When he cites the 1st Amendment he isn’t citing the religious clause he is citing the speech clause.
  • Mike reads Justice Kavanaugh Dissent – 
  • Father Chad Ripperger is correct and so is Justice Roberts. 
  • Castle Law – I can defend MY home.
  • Florida and Texas have this law.

 Contingent Being – 

HEADLINE: Ascendancy (Church & State Issues) by Fr Ripperger

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