I’m Celebrating Columbus Day Because I’m ‘Murican, Catholic & Grateful – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 10/08/2018

The apostolic navigator was welcomed back to Spain with jubilation. His news was received enthusiastically by the Catholic Kings, not merely because it promised economic relief for their suffering country, but primarily because they had learned that the natives of the new land were well disposed to receive the gift of Faith.


The pious queen addressed Christopher with these words: “The expenses we have incurred, and are about to incur for the Indian expeditions, have been well bestowed; for these will ensure a spreading of Catholicism.” How well Queen Isabella had described the holy explorer when she had said that he would have boldly thrust himself upon a vast ocean “to achieve a most signal thing for the sake of the Divine Glory.”


Surely he was worthy of such praise, as is confirmed by his words to a friend upon his return: “Immortal thanks should be rendered to God, Who had brought His labors such prosperous issues; that Jesus Christ rejoices and triumphs on earth no less than in heaven, at the approaching salvation of nations innumerable that were before hastening to destruction.”

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