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Friday-The President is Commander In Chief Not Marcus Welby M.D., Slayer of Corona Virus!

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    Friday-The President is Commander In Chief Not Marcus Welby M.D., Slayer of Corona Virus! LoneRhody

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  • Coronavirus – where are the cases arising?
  • Locusts swarms in Saudi Arabi
  • FISA Reform gets shot down
  • The Democrats are absolutely imploding



HEADLINE: Pope Francis sick a day after supporting coronavirus sufferers by Amanda Woods

  • They are speculating since he hosted coronavirus people that he may be infected.
  • Of course we don’t know that, it is all speculation at this point.
  • In your charity please pray for the Pope and his well being.
  • The coronavirus seems to truly afflict the super young and the super old.
  • If Bernie Sanders had his way, we would simply trot in all the old people and have them “test” each city to see if the disease is present.

HEADLINE: Drugmaker Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine ready for human testing by Megan Cerullo



HEADLINE: New California Bill Requires Retailers Create ‘Gender-Neutral’ Aisles For Children by Chrissy Chalk

  • The goal is to ban “sex specific” isles like the ‘girls Barbie pink row’.
  • There will be no girls and boys departments.
  • Everything will be gender neutral.
  • At the end of the day, this is about an outright rejection of God.
  • Homelessness is the #1 issue in the state of California and yet they are going to tackle gender in stores?



 HEADLINE: Joe Biden under probe in Ukraine for alleged link to top prosecutor’s 2016 ouster: report by Dom Calichio

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Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond

  • Less than 2% of the infected have died. 
  • 80% of the people that have it won’t experience any of the symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • You build anti-bodies for the coronavirus much as you would with the flu and other viruses. 
  • You can be ‘re-infected’ as you can be re-infected with the flu.
  • This shouldn’t be a shock or surprise at all.
  • 4-5% will develop something more serious like pneumonia or bronchitis. 
  • This is a respiratory disease. 
  • AIDS and HIV – if you get these viruses you will get something else that will kill you no the original disease of HIV or AIDS.
  • It lowers the immune system and allows another issue to take over and kill you.
  • “If it bleeds, it leads.”
  • I believe this is a over sensitive reaction of this mild flu like virus.
  • The influenza numbers from last year show the WHL – 41 million people contracted seasonal flu. 
  • Out of that number 680,000 died last year from the flu.
  • Epidemiological surveillance is limited w/ viruses b/c you can’t always tell how they are spreading.
  • Gregory Carpenter has a PhD in genetic epidemiology.
  • It leads to the onset of pneumonia, it can set up the environment so that will be the disease that kills you NOT the coronavirus.


 AUDIO: Student asks Bernie Sanders – “So my father’s family left Soviet Russia in 1979 fleeing from some of the very same socialist policies that you seem eager to implement in this country.  So my question is, how do you rectify your notion of democratic socialism with the failures of socialism in nearly every country that has tried it?”

HEADLINE: Woman to Bernie Sanders: My Family Fled Soviet Russia, Socialism Has Failed In Nearly Every Country by Ian Schwartz

  • These days most people don’t get married for the right reasons.
  • This is why every Pope until the modern era has condemned Communism as an INTRINSIC EVIL.
  • QUESTION: Why is this?
  • ANSWER: Because it makes men do things they should never do.
  • This buy Bernie Sanders is dangerous.
  • Demons cannot declare God as Lord.
  • You’ll never hear Bernie say “I thank God for all I have.”
1h41m HEADLINE: Saving the Democrats—From Themselves by Benjamin D. Wiker
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  Bee Gees Super Medley 
2h26m Twitter Video of Drag Queen –

  • Dancing with his butt out for a 5 year old girl w/ about 50 ADULTS cheering it on.
  • Concupiscence – 
  • Most of today’s music is geared toward conjuring up concupiscence.
  • Adam and Eve – 
  • Rock music is made to excite your sensual/sexual urges.
  • Mitter Chur tells story of 6 year old daughters at a talent show for the school.
  HEADLINE: Mayor Pete Wants to Crackdown on Religious Groups That Refuse to Hire LGBTQ Staff by Todd Starnes

  • Does this mean that women shelters run by Christian charities would be forced to admit men that claim to be women?
  • QUESTION: How do most women wind up in a shelter?
  • ANSWER: Most of them were abused by….men.

  • Charity is always about serving others.
  • Custody of the eyes. 
   Crusader Monastery Prayer List

Please in your charity remember the following people in your prayers – 

Richard – who continues to battle sepsis.
Caleb – who has down syndrome and was just diagnosed w/ Crone’s disease. 

Lizzie Reezay – that she grow in her faith and not lead devout Catholics astray.

Father John Hollowell – has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Prognosis is very good.

Father Dana Christensen – has been diagnosed with ALS

Rush Limbaugh – stage IV lung cancer, pray for his conversion to the One True Faith.

Tara Carroll Gates – for her conversation to Catholicism. 

Denise McAllister – for her conversation to Catholicism.

Brenda Marroy – for her reversion back to the One True Faith.

Joann – suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

Father James Martin SJ – for his reversion back to the Faith.

ALL PRIESTS – for more vocations & for any experiencing depression or loneliness.

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Written by: LoneRhody

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