John Adams & Patrick Henry Put Don John of Manhattan’s Impeachment In Context

Written by on 01/20/2020

John Adams & Patrick Henry Put Don John of Manhattan’s Impeachment In Context

As the impeachment trial of President Trump begins, let us turn to the Founding Fathers for how they saw subject of impeachment:

On the evening of 1 July, 1776, a beleaguered John Adams returned to his rented flat on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia to read and respond to his correspondence from that day. Unlike his friend Thomas Jefferson, the bucolic Adams was prone to respond in the passion of the moment without taking the time to reconsider, perhaps with a cooler head, what he had just read that animated him so. Tonight he would pour out his frustration at the Second Continental Congress’s lack of haste in passing the Declaration of Independency. Tonight it would be Archibald Bulloch who would get the brunt of Adams’ legendary temper and in this exchange, if we change a few proper nouns [what is shown in brackets], Adams gives us some perspective on tomorrow’s impeachment trial of President Trump.

There seems to have been a great Change in the sentiments of the [States] Colonies, since you left us, and I hope that a few Months will bring us all to the same Way of thinking. This morning is assigned for the greatest Debate of all. [Articles of Impeachment against President Trump] A Declaration that these [2016 voters] Colonies are free and independent [citizens] states, has been reported by a Committee [of declared enemies of The President] appointed some weeks ago for that Purpose, and this day or Tomorrow is to determine its [the election of 2016’s] Fate. May Heaven prosper the new [newly acquitted President] born Republic-and make it [his administration] more glorious [in its war against the Deep State] than any former Republics [Republican President has] have been.

Adams then turned his attention to the then rumors of 30,000 British and Hessian soldiers  moving to make anchor just off the coast of Long Island.

The object [of complete acquittal] is great which We have in View, and We must expect a great Expence of Blood [media reputations] to obtain it. But We should always remember, that a free Constitution of civil Government cannot be purchased at too dear a Rate; as there is nothing on this Side of the [United States Congres] new Jesusalem, of equal Importance to Mankind. [emphasis mine-MC]

If the pathological liar that is Schifty Adam Schiff and the apparently drunken and stammering Speaker are able to by belligerent, raw demagoguery, con 4 Republican Senators into expanding this “trial” into what basically amounts to a never ending Grand Jury against Trump then truly, Pelosi’s “forever impeached” will stick and the last year of the Presidency 170 MILLION ‘Muricans voted for in 2016 will be nullified. With deranged libs claiming that a vote for Trump in 2016 was a vote for bigoted racism as policy, one wonders what Marxine Water’s Reparation Caucus might be able to bully the Senate into accepting next?

On the final day of debate on the ratification of the Constitution in the Virginia, Patrick Henry put ratification into a context no political speaker has equalled, in any legislature, anywhere, since. I believe that current events plainly show that the professional leftist, diabolically inspired classes, want a “civil war” to begin that will pit, again, the “evil, pro-life South” against the infanticidal, cult-of-death maniacs running every major institution. Announce to 170 million, MAGA hat wearers that their votes are illegitimate, their duly elected leader deposed and then force Ralph Northam’s on them and yeah, Patrick Henry might be invoked again.

I see beings of a higher order anxious concerning our decision. When I see beyond the horizon that bounds human eyes, and look at the final consummation of all human things, and see those intelligent beings which inhabit the ethereal mansions reviewing the political decisions and revolutions which, in the progress of time, will happen in America, and the consequent happiness or misery of mankind, I am led to believe that much of the account, on one side or the other, will depend on what we now decide. Our own happiness alone is not affected by the event. All nations are interested in the determination. We have it in our power to secure the happiness of one half of the human race. Its adoption may involve the misery of the other hemisphere. [Here a violent storm arose, which put the house in such disorder, that Mr. Henry was obliged to conclude.]

Patrick Henry, calling down the thunder as shown above. Courtesy of Mike’s 2009 film The Spirit of ’76 available on DVD at

There’s a reason I call Trump, “the 4th Don John… Don John of Manhattan“; I pray Melania has convinced him to go our Lady for her protection and to avoid a potential war, the cult of death left, desperately wants to wage on the rest of us. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, oremus!

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