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Solving Download Issues On a Samsung 6S

today05/31/2016 9

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Mandeville, LA –  The following tech support conversation was filed by Yearly FP Member Alex Les.

May 24, 2016:

Mr. Church,
I have tried this method after receiving an email from Candace a few weeks ago explaining the new download method. When that didn’t work I watched your video to see if there was something that I was missing but in both instances the segment simply plays when I hit the Download button instead of downloading. This is the same with the media player where now it simply plays where before it would download onto my desktop or mobile device.

I’m getting this on my PC and have tried 3 different browsers, Chrome, Firefox and IE. I’m also getting this on my Samsung 6 Android device when using Chrome and Firefox. This is abnormal because it just started happening and I’ve made no changes to any of the settings that I’m aware of. That said I will check the settings.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what happens on my mobile device when I hold down the download button.

When I go to the file path directly I get a window with a playbar.



WHAT device are you getting this error/difficulty through? 28k downloads in 26 days tells me this is device/iOS/Software specific because it is not widespread. As a general rule we do not recommend downloading ANY LARGE FILES via a mobile device, its best to download and store in a dropbox or iTunes playlist. Have you tried clicking and holding on a download link until a dialog window appears?
What happens when you open this file path up directly?
If you have a browser configured to automatically open files it knows the extension of, e.g. .mp3, then you will never get a download option because you’ve told the device to PLAY.

Mike Church

Dear Alex,

I have no clue because we cannot repeat the error. I logged in as you and went to a post that has protected content that can be downloaded.  I am using Mac OS X El Capitan, a Safari browser but the test worked the same in Chrome.
We have a test Samsung phone and cannot duplicate the error there either. Here are the results from Safari, note I am logged in as you:

The final resolution for this Samsung Issue:

We had 100% success downloading the file, as shown, on a SAMSUNG Galaxy 6S, here is our test process, follow it exactly:
1. Login
2. Go to the desired page example:
3. Click and hold the download button; important!!! you must HOLD the “Download” button to activate the sub menu, as shown:

4. When the window appears click the Save Link option.

4-A.From the top of your phone screen slide your finger down to the middle and your Android sub menu appears. THEN select “Downloads” as shown here:


5. You will now see the file downloading in the background.

The screenshots are of our Samsung test unit, demonstrating the error is not on our end or from Blubrry.
I hope this helps resolve this, please update us as I am going to use this conversation on our tech support blog.
All best,
Mike Church

Written by: jadechampagne

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