Testimonial: I Fought The Truth But The Truth Has Won

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Mandeville, LA – Longtime listener and Founders Pass member Todd B. shares his personal story of how the CRUSADE Channel inspired him to consider whether the the Anti-Catholic propaganda he heard his entire life was true. Here are the results:

Dear Mike,

I’m not much with words, but I wanted to take a quick minute and say thank you for all that you and your staff at The Veritas Radio Network do daily.

I started listening to your program a few years ago when it was in the “old country.” For a long time, when you would discuss Catholicism, I would simply ignore it. This was based solely on what I had always heard about the Catholicism from Protestant teachings. Then about a year ago, I started to just listen when you discussed your faith. I sincerely believe my ears were tuned-in through the intervention of the Holy Spirit. The more I listened, the more interested I became, and the more it started to make sense to me. So, I started reading more about the history of the church and investigating Protestant claims against Catholicism for myself. To find out, my assumptions were very wrong. In short, I can’t explain the feeling I have, but as a confessed Christian, I feel that I am being called to Catholicism. In April, I started my journey to conversion.

Again, thank you very much for all that you and others do with The Veritas Radio Network. You have certainly been blessed with a gift. You guys have my life long support. Thank you!!!

Yours in Christ,

Todd S. B.


Written by: jadechampagne

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