The Breakdown: Don’t Get in the Way of The Deep State PsyOp! They’ll Take Your Kids!

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Don’t Get in the Way of The Deep State PsyOp! They’ll Take Your Kids!

The Deep State Does Not Want You Exposing Their Works of Darkness

Millie Weaver, a correspondent for Infowars, was arrested on Friday for alleged burglary and domestic violence charges.  She was taken in front of her children with no paperwork, no warrant, just told to come with the officer and the paperwork would be provided later.

Why would this matter?  Friday just happened to be the date when she was releasing her new movie “Shadow Gate” revealing the Deep States on-going psychological attack waged against Americans via social media.

It is quite interesting that the arrest and the movie’s release coincide.  Some have called it a hoax for more ratings but today, CPS is going to court to take her children.  That’s an awfully extensive “hoax”.

Watch the full movie here.

Attention All Maskientious Objectors!  Be Sure To Have Your Papers Ready!

The CoronaHoaxers have pushed the Makientious Objectors too far.  Do you have a medical condition which prevents you from wearing a mask?  Do you have religious objections that cause you to “Pass on the Mask”?  Be sure to have your doctor’s note ready, because this is coming to a town near you:

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Now, any Connecticut resident refusing to wear a mask in public must show written documentation from their doctor that they’re exempt due to medical reasons.

An executive order, signed by Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz on Friday, said those claiming to be exempt must “provide written documentation that the person is qualified for the exemption from a licensed medical provider, the Department of Developmental Services or other state agency that provides or supports services for people with emotional, intellectual or physical disabilities, or a
person authorized by any such agency. Such documentation need not name or describe the condition that qualifies the person for the exemption.

Masks or face coverings must be worn by those over the age of two when in a taxi, ride-share, public transit or in any public space where social distancing is not possible.

If you wish to leave the Imago Dei uncovered, you’ll suffer shame and embarrassment at the hands of a part-time retiree greeting you at Wal-Mart.

You Will Conform To The CoronaHoax Politically Correct Police – Or Be Drugged

All you damned “Patriots” crying about your “Rights” refusing to wear face diapers need to be re-educated!  There’s one more thing that may happen before you get thrown on a one-way rail car to Covid Camp – forced medication.  An ethics professor has decided the best way to help people make moral decisions is to immorally medicate you.  Whether you like it or not.

In an article so shocking it at first reads like satire, an ethics professor at Western Michigan University advocated for the promotion of psychoactive “morality pills” in order to alter the behavior of those skeptical of lockdown regulations, suggesting that such drugs could be made compulsory or administered secretly via the water supply.

The article was published earlier this week in The Conversation, a news site focusing on content “sourced from the academic and research community” and supported by universities from around the world. The Conversation lists a number of U.K. universities as its “founding partners.” In the article, Parker Crutchfield argues that “[w]hen someone chooses not to follow public health guidelines around the coronavirus, they’re defecting from the public good” and that such “defectors” require chemical “moral enhancement” substances to help them “reason about what the right thing to do is.”

Is this really surprising?  The government has been lacing your water supply with fluoride for 75 years.  Some municipalities have added lithium to the water supply here in the United States and across the pond.

It seems to be completely wasted on this #DeepState medical tyrants that we don’t want to have chemicals in our water or forced on us.  Patriots won’t bow to your mandatory mask mandates or your evil desire to poison us through vaccines or medicines.  With or without our knowledge.

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Written by: Aaron B

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