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The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates with Matt Trewhella America is at a Crossroads

There has never been a time in the history of our country like the epoch we are facing with the Coronavirus.

  • Businesses have been required to shut down.  Some will never reopen their doors
  • Nearly 30 million American’s are out of work
  • Rent is going unpaid
  • Children aren’t being fed
  • Domestic violence, alcoholism, pornography, child molestation, and suicides are on the rise

What can be done through all of this?  Now, more than ever, we need to engage our local police force and city councils and implore them to interpose for us.  There needs to be a solid understanding of the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.

What is the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates?

“Magistrates” is a big word but it’s simply a person who has been elected or appointed to an office in public service.  These appointments are God-ordained and they have supreme responsibility for making laws according to God’s Law.

From Defy Tyrants website:

The Lesser Magistrate Doctrine teaches that when the superior or higher ranking civil authority makes unjust/immoral law, policy, or court opinion – the lower or lesser ranking civil authority has both the God-given right and duty to refuse obedience to that superior authority; and if necessary, actively resist the superior authority.

The doctrine was first formalized by Christian men in Magdeburg, Germany in 1550.

The lesser magistrate doctrine is rooted in the historic Christian doctrine of interposition. Interposition is where one steps into the gap – placing themselves in between the oppressor and his intended victim. Interposition can take place verbally or physically.

The law of God is the objective standard to which all men and all governments of men are accountable. If civil authorities make law, policy, or court opinion that is contrary to His law – the lesser magistrates are to interpose and stop the evil.

Today, Pastor Matt Trewhella joins us to discuss his book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates – A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government.

Christians Must Act Now

Believing Christians must act now to ensure justice and righteousness is restored to our nation and our world.  The Gospel is more than just a message of repentance and faith; it is a life-altering, God-glorifying, Christ-honoring, paradigm-shifting message that transforms families, cities, states, cultures and countries.  It is the responsibility of the Christian to carry this message throughout the world.

Matt Trewhella is pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church (founded in 1988) in the Milwaukee, WI area and founder of Missionaries to the Preborn.

Through his research and teaching on the biblical duties of the lower magistrate, Pastor Matt Trewhella came across the Magdeburg Confession, an important historical work that became the first in the history of mankind to set forth in a doctrinal format what only later came to be known as the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine.

Pastor Trewhella and his wife Clara live in the Milwaukee, WI area. They have eleven children.  Find him on Facebook at Defy Tyrants USA and online at the Defy Tyrants website.

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