The Breakdown – What is God Doing For You Through The Coronavirus?

Written by on 05/04/2020

What is God Doing For You Through The Coronavirus?

Arizona Sheriff’s Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Shutdown Orders

Two sheriff’s in Arizona have stated that they will not enforce unconstitutional shutdown orders which gives us a great reminder that we need to develop relationships with our law enforcement officers in the community.

Governor Cuomo Shows His True Colors

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was involved in a small kerfuffle with a reporter who pushed back on him asking what we do with the deaths of citizens through suicides, the increased fear of not having enough money, and the inability to pay for rent/mortgage, and so on.  Cuomo’s response was short, and sweet:  “It isn’t death.”  He showed his hand while being repeatedly asked about the dangers of the “cure” by arguing with the reporter.

Are Christians Failing the Supposed “Coronavirus Test”?

Jonathan Merritt wrote a piece at The Atlantic calling out popular evangelical preacher John Piper over his statement that the COVID could be a God’s judgment against sinful people and arrogant nations.  Any Biblically minded Christian would whole-heartedly agree with Piper.  However, if you don’t have an understanding of God’s holiness and wrath, you won’t be able to grasp why God is able to utilize many methods at his disposal.  We should count it a blessing that the Lord is so patient to exercising multiple ways – disasters, storms, sickness, death, – to bring us to repentance.  Is God judging your nation? Your state?  Your town? YOU?  Perhaps.  Better hit your knees and start praying.

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