Wisdom Wednesday-Saint Peter Claver & TRUE, Christian Brotherhood Explained

Written by on 09/09/2020

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  Divide and Conquer 

  • This is a wonderful strategy for an invading force.
  • We are there as a country. 
  • How is that? Sit back while we explain……
21m HEADLINE: DC Comics ‘Wonder Women Of History’ To Feature ‘Real World Heroes’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib by Emily Zanotti

  • Elizabeth Warren is on this list – she lied about her ethnicity for YEARS to get ahead in life.
  • We are now calling lifelong liars as heroes now.
 34m AUDIO/VIDEO: BLM Founders admit to conjuring up ‘spirits’ of the dead to aid in their movement.
  HEADLINE: Despite Vocal Minority Pushing For Gender Reform, Majority Of California, Idaho Voters Disapprove Of Legislation by Jordan Davidson

Should children who say they identify as transgender be allowed to undergo physical sex change surgeries or take potentially sterilizing hormone while they are under the age of 18?


YES – 25.17%
NO – 74.83%



HEADLINE: The Occult Spirituality of Black Lives Matter by Dan Burke

  • When you see Father James Martin SJ remember this audio we just played you.
  • The founders of BLM admitting this is MORE than a fight for justice but a SPIRITUAL battle as well.
  • They are admitting to conjuring demons.

AUDIO/VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8NHQ3uyIngM

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 1h33m  AUDIO/VIDEO: You Got Something There | Kevin James


 HEADLINE: Study says 260,000 COVID-19 cases could be tied to Sturgis rally; Noem calls it ‘fiction’ by Megan Raposa 

  • This article is BS…there will never be an instance that there will be ZERO positive tests. 
  • The tests looks for antibodies. 
  Backpack Emergency Card (pdf file)

  • Emergencies are chaotic! Make sure your child or their school knows how to reach you, and who should be called if your phone isn’t working.
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  HEADLINE: COVID19 Scamdemic – Part  2 by Iain Davis
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 Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest heard only on The Crusade Channel

Follow Brother Andre Marie on Twitter @Brother_Andre

Saint Benedict Center Conference 2020

  • Corporal Age
  • This isn’t new stuff here, we have always had sin in this fashion.
  • Social media has just put a spotlight on it.
  • Worse conditions under which man has ever had to suffer under. – PRIDE
  • 3 Days of Darkness
  • Matters religious and the soul focused so much on end time events – this isn’t healthy.
  • We must not focus on the end of times.

HEADLINE: Slave of the Slaves: the Story of Saint Peter Claver by Br. Michael M.I.C.M

History of the Knights of St. Peter Claver – 

HEADLINE: St. Peter Claver and his Interpreters by Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

  • He personally baptized 300,000 negros!
  • Infants came first b/c most of them wouldn’t make the voyage.
  • Orate fratres Brother Latin Frater 
  • Fraternity is brotherhood, Faith Hope Charity
  • He is our Father, our friend, our brother – the Bible says this.
  • Saint Paul says Jesus did this so He could be the 1st born of many BRETHREN. 
  • He is the OLDER brother to us all.
  • The older brother does what? He keeps the younger siblings in check and in love w/ the Father!
  • Sense of universality – you have to work for it, look for it and aware of where you can find these people.

HEADLINE: From Tree to Table: How Maple Syrup is Made by Tree Removal 

  • This all started a year ago – 
   HEADLINE: Anti-Catholic, Anti-American: From Benedict Arnold to Kamala Harris by R.C. Vanlandingham


 HEADLINE: The Problem Of Woke College Football by Rod Dreher

  • Something as beloved as College Football is being politicized. 
  • This will make more Tiger fans turn on the Tigers.

HEADLINE: LSU’s football team has a new $28 million locker room — complete with sleep pods, a pool, and a mini theater  

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