Deacon Edward Shaefer The Founder of Capuchin Dark Roast Coffee and Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 09/24/2018

Special Guest Deacon Edward Schaefer from Holy Angels Ministries/Heavenly Roast Coffee Company-

  • Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum Liberal Arts College in Florida (Ocala)
  • Opening in Fall 2020
  • Quick Summary of who we are – Small Faithful Affordable College
  • Question Most Asked By Parents: When I send my kids off, are they going to lose their faith.
  • Faithful, Affordable and Traditional – when you say the word “traditional” people tend to get very defensive so we changed “traditional” to “classical”.
  • The college will provide formation to live life devoted to God in the traditional ways of the Catholic Church.
  • Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum plans to enroll 120 students a year. The college is to be unswerving in its fidelity to the unchanging teachings of the Church. It will offer students a solid formation in the Catholic faith by instructing them in the intellectual tradition of the Church and in a core of liberal arts studies. The tuition cost will be a reasonable sum, including room and board, at $13,500 a year.
  • We will NOT accept any government money! NONE! ZERO!
  • We don’t want to have to participate with the governments demands. With government money, comes government strings.
  • From the student aspect, in the long run we hope to have money so students can borrow from us instead of the government but we cannot offer this as a start-up. Down the road, that is our plan.
  • Will the college ever offer blue collar curriculum or vocational type classes.
  • Deacon directs the schola at his Church. How quickly can someone pick up the Latin language to sing it.

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