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Written by on 01/16/2019

Mandeville, LA

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Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond host of Reverse Deception Radio

  • The melting and refreezing process is occurring so quickly the ‘Chinese’ salt is not working on the sidewalks.
  • Blue Ridge – Saltville Virginia
  • Sea Salt is far more potent stuff.
  • Gender Dysphoria – the suicide rate is 44% among the transgender. Once they transition the suicide rate is even HIGHER!
  • We are going to have a sea full of doctors here soon! (Millstone)
  • The madness in Netherlands over the Tulips – Tulip Mania (first recorded speculative bubble)
  • The power of suggestion is extremely powerful. Especially with the young.
  • It does happen, this is a reality. Especially with Wall Street and the LGBTQ movement.
  • Mike gives his famous Grits Recipe –
  • At one point I had a The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes that was signed by the author. – Carpenter
  • Guest Hosting the Barrett Brief tomorrow so be ready!

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