Pearcing Truth Episode 11-Poetic Sense and Over Sensivity

Written by on 08/07/2018

Mandeville, LA – An Original Show written and produced by Mike Church.


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The Veritas Radio Network Presents:

THE PEARCING TRUTH– Based upon the best-selling work LITERARY CONVERTS by Joseph Pearce.

Featuring Joseph Pearce and hosted by Mike Church – EPISODE 11, Poetic Sense and Over Sensivity.

On this Pearcing Truth show & classroom, we’ll review the “historia” of the first female4 convert in our series.

  • She is the only English woman to ever be awarded the CBE honor from The Queen.
  • She was highly regarded by C.S. Lewis who wrote often of her skill and was a fixture at her social parties.
  • She was best friends with Scottish poet Roy Campbell and his wife who were her guides in converting to the Faith.
  • She was well known for her sensitivity to critics and Joseph explains how her childhood was the principle reason for this cross she bore her entire professional life.
  • One of her last literary acts was to tour and perform in the U.S.A.

Who is this gifted, female Literary Convert!? Find out by listening to EPISODE 11 – Poetic Sense and Over Sensivity.

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