What Has The Church Become & Whose Side is Papa Francis Really On? – The Mike Church Show Feat. Michael Hichborn

Written by on 09/25/2018

Special Guest Michael Hichborn Founder of the Lepanto Institute –

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  • This can’t possibly be an accident. He would most likely be sworn in and sitting in time for Our Lady’s Feast Day.
  • Evil is confounded by Sanctity – the end result being confounded by sanctity ends up attacking itself.
  • They aren’t just fleeing they are throwing each other under the bus. You will see more and more of this as Our Lady begins the crushing of the head of the serpent.
  • This is what you are witnessing here. The serpent is shivering, it is dying.
  • Where were all of these “women” when Hillary Clinton was running for President? This isn’t about protecting women.
  • False accusations – they will face very dire consequences if they push forward with this.
  • There have only been 4 sworn affidavits sent to the board. All of them are pro-Kavanaugh.
  • No protesting there, it is actually forbidden yet you see this happening at these hearings anyway.
  • Moving on to the HOMOclericalism –

HEADLINE: Chicago priest removed ‘temporarily’ following rainbow flag burning by Ed Condon

  • Our Lady has been warning us for 500 years.
  • She said the very “air” would be filled with filth. She warned their would be Priests that would cause the world to attack the Priesthood. The wickedness of certain Priest would bring about the hatred.
  • Drag Queen Story Time in Lafayette – TFP Rosary Rally will be held on Saturday October 6th
  • Fire falling from the sky – “Nuke it from orbit it’s the only way to be sure.”
  • History of the Church – introducing these kinds of novelties, they are not magisterial.

HEADLINE: New Apostolic Constitution Appears to Formalize the Hijacking of the Synod Process by Steve Skojec

  • Chinese Bishops and Papa Francis –

HEADLINE: How Vatican’s deal with Communist China fits into Pope Francis’ larger agenda by Peter Kwasniewski

  • The question: Who’s Side Are You On Anyway? This needs to be answered NOW!
  • Archbishop Viagno – he is STILL in hiding b/c he fears for his life.
  • The Lavender Mafia is to damn powerful.

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