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Special Guest Ralph Sarchie – Demonologist – his story was the inspiration for Deliver Us From Evil

Ralph & Mike are back, with the biggest and best Deliver Us From Evil Tapes episode yet! The War of Demonic Aggression, kicking off the second season of the hit series with a cliffhanger. The story focuses on the tribulations the Barnett family suffered in Wartrace Tennessee for 6 years, at the hand of ghosts and a vicious, demonic spirit.

The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes-The Series picks up where the four part interview series left off. Demonologist Ralph Sarchie and host Mike Church delve into the world of the supernatural like you’ve never heard before. Creepy, thrilling and inspiring, the D U F E series is an old school radio serial that will leave you panting for the next episode.

Enjoy all 4 parts of the “Deliver Us From Evil Tapes”, Mike Church Show interview series featuring demonologist Ralph Sarchie. Ralph discusses and dishes the real story about demons and warns when someone calls him a “demon hunter” that  “you don’t hunt demons they hunt you.”

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