HIGHLIGHT – The Mike Church Show Interview With Br Andre Marie – 120918

Written by on 09/12/2018

Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest –

HEADLINE: Benedict XVI & The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher

  • It is “an act of Divine Providence” that we are having this conference today, on September 11, because the sex abuse scandal is the Catholic Church’s own 9/11. – Archbishop Ganswein
  • Celibacy vows – secular Priest they make a promise to their Bishop that they will observe the Churches law.
  • Vocation is to be called out and brought into another category.
  • The baptized have a “vocation” to be holy. – the Primary Vocation
  • Then you have Sacred Persons or Priests. If he commits fornication or adultery it has the added note of sacrilege.
  • Fullness of the Priesthood = Bishop
  • So according to the Traditional Theology of the Church they have an additional sin added if they commit a sin such as this.
  • From The Mike Church Show Chatroom – “That’s what I’ve always said about Martin Luther. He didn’t just violate his celibacy and knock up a nun, it’s like he committed double-adultery against God”
  • A cardinal may or may not have an actual flock.
  • Bishops who have a flock have sacred obligations.
  • Wolf in shepherds clothing which is worse pain to the Sacred Heart.
  • Could you imagine cuckolding Our Lord? A nun is consecrated to Our Lord.
  • Cuckold = the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision
  • St. Benedict Center – Conference Registration 12-14th
  • The Life of Saint Joseph as Manifested by Our Lord, Jesus Christ to Mariaia Cecilia Baij, O.S.B.
  • Lecture Series from Brother Francis – making a trip and determining where you are going.
  • Genesis is the start of the trip, at least that is how I take it.
  • The Realist Guide to Religion and Science by Paul Robinson
  • Matthew Chapter 19 – what cause could a man divorce his wife
  • Adam and Eve were not married in the Catholic Church – it was considered a natural marriage.
  • Tonight’s ReConquest – Love of Eternal Wisdom 7pm cst

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